Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horrifying Celebrity Shots of Cellulite Problems

Since celebrities have a lot of resources available to them to deal with weight gain there's generally no excuse for them to have cellulite or weight issues if their careers pay them millions of dollars.  All these ladies listed here have access to home gyms, dietitions, personal trainers and anything they need to deal with god awful celluite that plagues the average middle aged woman.

Middle aged persons have to essentially eat the right foods and work out a lot to avoid cellulite.  If these women want to be paid top dollar for their public appearances and work in film and music dancing, they are expected to take good care of themselves!

I'm opposed to celebrities who continue to work decades taking work away from young talent.  It's time to bring in the new talent!  A few of these ladies aren't willing to work hard enough to maintain themselves and it should be over for them in the public spotlight.  In the photo at left, Hillary Swank is at least trying!

Allegedly Britany Spears! Ugh!  

Felicity Huffman is another one trying.  Don't know who she is but those legs need sweat pants!

Jennifer Lopez - Not as much cottage cheese as it is lack of visits to the gym

Mischa Barton

Sharon Stone, an actress I've never liked.

 Tara Reid - poor lady.  That's really something she shouldn't be flashing around with a bikini.

I'm not saying I'm in perfect condition either, but people with money have no excuse in my opinion not to take better care of themselves if they want to be paid millions of dollars for their being in the public eye.