Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is California Governor Jerry Brown a Time Traveler?

I don't know about anyone else, but it's freaking me out that Jerry Brown's been elected the California Governor 30 years after he was elected way back in 1975-1983.  I think it's down right spooky if you ask me.  I've got the heebie jeebies and my skin's got goose bumps.  Imagine how it feels for someone who was in high school as a 15 year old, a sophomore when Jerry Brown was elected as Governor.  I was 23 when Brown left office!  Michael Jackson's Thriller had come out the previous year.  Now Brown's back again and it's like deja vu!  What is this guy a time traveler or something? 

Can someone please tell me something?  Why is Jerry Brown back!!?  Most people retire after being in political office. This is unbelievable!  I thought there was a law he was allowed two terms and that was it.  This is scary, but the alternative of Meg Whitman was even scarier to contemplate. 

All I remember from what I retained in my former undeveloped teenage mind from Jerry Brown's former governorship was that he dated Linda Ronstadt and was a fairly good looking man.  Brown was one of the few politicians to hang around with the rock and roll crowd.

I still don't know much about Jerry Brown but I'm glad Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's going to be leaving soon. Governor Schwarzenegger appointed some really screwed up highly political Republican judges.  I'm also glad Pelosi's been dethroned, but am very disappointed marijuana wasn't legalized in California so I could celebrate her departure.  The state could really use the revenue and to lift what amounts to a prohibition against a drug that will never go away.  

The sad thing about this election is that politicians aren't the answer to any of this country's problems. They're all merely puppets for a large monster called the Federal Reserve that's been strangling the country ever since the Federal Reserve Act was passed on Christmas Eve in 1913.  Former President Woodrow Wilson said it was the worst mistake of his life and that he deeply regretted allowing private bankers to take over the U.S. money printing.  The Federal Reserve masks itself in a government associated name and prints out money, but there's a catch.  The Fed gives the money to us as debt we owe it.  We pay towards that debt with Federal taxes. Essentially money = debt.  Surprise! 

When one looks into the details of how the system's been set up since 1913, one can see how America's been doomed to collapse economically.  The bankers are strangling us all and want to usher in a one world banking and governmental system.  No politician can save us, and Obama was merely a pipe dream for many. 

So Jerry Brown the time traveler's back!  He's projected himself 30 years into the future to be Governor of California again.  Speaking of time travelers, what follows is an interesting video about some person, appearing to be a man in drag, in a Charlie Chaplin film with what appears to be a cell phone he's talking into.   Wait, maybe its Jerry Brown!  What has he done?

This film maker explains his shock at discovering a man in drag in a Charlie Chaplin film allegedly talking on a cell phone.  The video's had over 4 million views in the past two months.