Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Singer Neil Young Gets Burned By Bad Karma - Charitable Image is a Lie

Singer Neil Young, a nasty greedy hideous man, got a little taste of karma when his belongings got burned in a warehouse Monday.  All the liberal fascist pigs who have supported this evil Satanist's fraud image are writing condolences on SFGate's comment section as if the guy's the Pope of the San Francisco Bay area.

As previously reported three weeks ago, I wrote a little blurb post about how upset people were in Mr. Young's life who he ripped off, including his nanny, in spite of the fact he owns nearly half of San Mateo county.  Young's a tightwad asshole who hides behind a charitable image he uses others to promote.  He actually charges people for helping him with his charitable projects! He's an evil man and all you have to do is look at the guy and see him for what he is.

It makes me sick all the people who think this main is a saint and promote him as such.  Whatever Neil Young does is for himself, image and tax write-offs.  Note how he's hoarding stuff in a warehouse instead of auctioning it off to charity? 

Mr. Young, karma's a bitch dude and you just can't escape it.  That's why you're such a control freak tight wad greedy asshole because you know karma's on the way for your dirty, nasty deeds using good people.

Neil Young is not a good man.  I'll just leave it at that.