Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Traveler Question in Chaplin Film Video Solved!

I previously provided a link to the fascinating video of an apparent time traveler from a Charlie Chaplin film clip in 1928.  Millions of people joined in the mystery on YouTube to try and solve the question of whether the person in the film really had a cell phone in her hand.  (It turned out to be a man in drag by the way, an extra in the Chaplin film.)  Though it was a rather ludicrous question, the time traveler suggestion really sparked people's imaginations. The video has received nearly 5 million views with thousands of commentaries attempting to answer the question.

Recently the Discovery News Channel solved the case.  I'm glad they came to the same conclusion a few others did that I had agreed with.

Here's a link to the original time traveler questioned video:

Here's the Discovery News Channel's answer, the same conclusion I came to from my lite research on the Internet from technology in 1928.

I was intrigued with time travel a while back when I designed, but haven't had the "time" since to delve back into it.  The issue of a time shift always seems to naturally assert itself every year when our clocks change anyway.  The time change most always throws me off kilter internally.  For instance, here I am typing this blog and it's 1:36 a.m. on a weekday night. I've lost all track of time!

I was selling cell phones in 1984, does that make me a time traveler?