Friday, December 31, 2010

ASPCA's Top Adoptions & Best Puppy Mill Rescue Video for 2010

Top 10 Pet Adoptions of 2010
It's heart warming to read about these pets that were rescued from a brutal world where millions are put down each year.  If it weren't for the puppy mills that manufacture too many pets for profit there wouldn't be as great a problem of dog and cat overpopulation.  The ASPCA is at the forefront of rescuing animals from the puppy mills which is why I support them each year (click here to see story of photo on left)

"This year, the ASPCA was able to find forever homes for tens of thousands of companion animals across the country.

Behind each adoption is a unique tale of human-meets-pet, and our hearts were thoroughly warmed by some truly inspiring stories this year. Here are 10 of 2010’s most memorable adoptions—thank you for helping make these happy endings possible!"

 My vote for best puppy mill rescue video of 2010.

Rather than than post the adoption stories here, that are quite extensive, I thought it best to post photos and links to the stories, so here goes: