Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Busy Little Bee Mobile Notary

I think mobile notaries are much like little bees buzzing around a community pollinating with their notarial stamps spreading the love through social networking with pleasant conversations in offices or people's homes.  Sometimes things don't always work out as we'd like however such as what happened to me as a busy little bee yesterday.

Rise & Shine Campers - Attorney Needs One Notarization!

Tuesday I woke up early to get to my office to accommodate an attorney who requested I notarize one document for her client.  That's right, one document, a mere $10.  I couldn't believe how self-centered, well yes I could, an attorney could be to summon me to my office for one notarization.  I felt inclined to request she also bring her Quit Claim Deed she mentioned earlier so I could at least make $20. After I headed for the office,  I felt lucky the projected rain held back as I arrived with one minute to spare. As I was about to enter her office, I answered my cell phone.  Ms. Attorney was actually calling me as I entered the room!  I thought to myself, she couldn't wait another couple of minutes?  Geez.  Anyway, fifteen minutes later and Ca-Ching! I made $20.  

Time to Inspect a CEO's Home Retail Software Business
I got home, had breakfast and jetted out for an inspection I had to perform at a retail business, except this time it was at someone's home three miles away. Many times inspection companies call on notaries to go to a new business establishment to take photos and conduct a short questionnaire interview to make sure the business meets a credit card company's qualifications  to accept credit cards.  Usually these retail businesses are nearby but this time it was quite far and full of steep hills for my electric bicycle to handle.  As rain loomed, my Google bike map directions were off leading me in circles so I had to figure out how to get there from guessing.  Meanwhile I worried my electric bike was running low on electricity.

I finally arrived at the home of the CEO of, a 3D software company and could tell he was thrilled to see me. In other words, he was very subdued and questioning what the real purpose of it all was.  He was kind enough to offer me a cup of coffee, but there was nothing really to inspect.  It was an internet business!  I was supposed to have snapped some photos inside but felt too uncomfortable.  I was also supposed to have taken a photo of the exterior of the home but I forgot my camera and my cell phone camera wasn't too good so I thought, why not use Google Maps to get the photo of the home? The only problem was Google Maps removes the address on the face of homes and places little cartoon bubbles in photos.

After I uploaded the photo and form, the agency called wanting to know what the "little bubble" was in the photo and why the address was missing on the faceplate of the home.  It was a gotcha moment; I believe my face turned red.  I blew it and had to forfeit my fee. Ca-ching!  I made $0 on the entire effort.   It doesn't happen often, but I got distracted.  I figured at least I burned off a few calories.

Heavy Rain, A Stuck Rear Brake, Ulock Problems and Incorrect Documents!
Next, a previous loan signing where an escrow agent had provided misspelled name on a deed prompted me to offer them a courtesy return to their offices another day at 4:00 p.m.  Right at the time I was leaving on my electric bike, it started to rain fairly heavy so I arrived downtown drenched.  I had trouble with the lock sticking and the rear brake as well to add more anxiety to the day.

When I arrived at their office they weren't even there and I was a little early.  I had anticipated a 5 minute time allotment to notarize.  Once again, the deed was incorrect so I requested the lady email over the Exhibit A legal description.  I waited and what she sent once again was incorrect.  I waited another 10 minutes and the person I was notarizing for was oblivious to my unusual efforts not letting me know why I was waiting so long.  He didn't really thank me, probably because he didn't speak good English.  I got home and my backpack was soaked.  Ca-Ching!  Another $0

Corrupted PDF File & Unusual Borrower Request

After I got home I got a call for a late afternoon loan signing.  Got the PDFs of the loan documents only to find one attachment was corrupted and wouldn't open. The borrower asked me to resend the PDF too.  It's quite unusual a borrower asks to have me email her the documents prior to a loan signing but it all fit into how the day was going so I wasn't too surprised.  When I got to the borrower's home which was only, to my relief, a few blocks away from my home, the signing took the longest ever, 2.5 hours!

The borrower was sweet and offered me ice tea.  We had a nice long chat about everything under the sun as she reexamined the documents.  I learned Janice had lived in her apartment for 37 years and her rent was only $850 for a one bedroom nice flat due to rent control.  Meanwhile, as zen spa music was playing in the background, and I fought to stay awake.  When we were finally done, the borrower offered me chocolate and a persimmon fruit.  Very pleasant experience and I finally got paid to boot!  Caching!  $100  to be paid in 30 days.

Writer's Block After a Long Day Prompted this Article
By 8:00 p.m. I really needed a glass of wine so I stopped by the store after I plugged in my eBike I couldn't think of what to write because I'm exhausted.  I figured I'd write something personal about a unusually tough day in the life of a mobile notary on an electric bicycle in San Francisco.  In spite of the hassle, I'd rather do this kind of work then sit as a prisoner at my desk at a law firm and be taxed to death for their overtime demands.  This way I get fresh air, meet new people, network and get to know a little about those who live and work in my community.

A Challenging Day - There's Always Something to Learn
This was one of the more challenging days where I really had to hustle to make a mere $120.  Better than nothing is what I always say, it's always better then nothing.  I was supposed to have finished up a client's divorce paperwork in my other LDA business today, it will have to wait again yet another day.  

I always felt like a trapped animal when I worked for companies or law firms.  As a mobile notary I feel like a sweet little pollinating bee.