Monday, December 27, 2010

New Evidence: Nanothermite In World Trade Center Towers On 9/11

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth said they have newly analyzed evidence that the World Trade Center Towers were full of a nanothermite material.  Nanothermite is a military grade explosive.  This evidence, along with others the 9/11 commission ignored, including molten steel being found at the base of all three buildings, indicates the towers weren't simply brought down by the planes.  Molten steel couldn't occur under the temperatures caused by the planes. 

Real forensic evidence has come to light; other evidence was overlooked by the 9/11 Commission Report.

Jesse Ventura's 9/11 Conspiracy Program on TruTV About the 9/11 & Pentagon Presents A Good Cause for A New Investigation

There's real forensic evidence now that supports elements within the U.S. government were involved in demolishing the World Trade Center towers.  One of the planes that hit the towers was a windowless remote controlled drone.  As investigated by former Governor Jesse Ventura, there was also another drone that hit the Pentagon destroying the area of where records were kept of the trillions of dollars missing as was reported by Rumsefeld the previous day.

There's also evidence former Vice President Dick Cheney's definitely one of the guilty parties over 9/11.  According to former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, Cheney ordered airforce planes to stand down on 9/11.  This is same Cheney who was recently bailed out $500,000,000 by Halliburton from Nigeria's case against him for serious crimes. (See Nigeria Drops Bribery Charges Against Cheney).  Of course, we the U.S. tax payers have contributed to Halliburton's money supply through government contracts automatically granted to it over the past few decades.

There are plenty of gullible brainwashed Americans who believe Cheney's a great American that he was out to protect them from terrorists.  These Americans will ultimately find a way to somehow spin and twist 9/11 into it being the best interests of the United States and world just as the criminal perpetrators do.

It's time to recognize one of the reasons all this evil has been allowed to occur is too many Americans support it by remaining ignorant, neutral or in denial.  It's really quite obvious to many those WTC buildings were demolished.  I've been shocked so many times in observing what politicians are allowed to get away with that I finally realized it's because many Americans hide behind their politicians who want it that way.