Thursday, December 16, 2010

Passionate Greeks & Italians Prove They Can Throw a Good Riot

After viewing these intense scary videos, when it comes to a good riot I think the Greeks have it up on the Italians.  The Greeks upstaged the Italians in their having actually attacked a former government official, bitch slapping him round a bit.  At one point you can see blood pouring out the mouth of former Minister for Development, Kostis Hatzidakis's, who was escorted off the property of a luxury hotel.

This guy Hatzidakis probably woke up to a nice Continental breakfast, took a shower, put on a fluffy white hotel robe, had coffee and planned his day only to be met by angry crowds outside that nearly ripped his head off.

  Italians riot demonstrating the passion their famous for around the world. - December 14, 2010

The Greeks really, and I mean really, know how to throw a riot. - December 15, 2010

"Greeks took to the streets for the second day of strikes and protests during the seventh general strike this year against new government austerity measures to reduce the high public debt and budget deficit. Protests are also taking place in France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Czech Republic at the calling of European trade unionists.

The common theme: widespread public discontent against spending cuts and other tough measures European governments are adopting to turn around their sagging economies and prevent the debt crises that have hit Greece and Ireland from spreading further."  European Austerity Measures Draw Protests
My only encounter with riots was in 1992 when Los Angeles was going insane over the Rodney King beating.  I'll never forget how intense it was was.  Cops in riot gear were being pulled from police stations everywhere and the rioters were starting fires all over the city.

This video shows some of the aftermath of the LA riots.  I've heard through word-of-mouth that Los Angeles never really recovered from the days of these riots. They had to call in the National Guard.

Seems these riots are beginning just in time for the holiday season.  If Santa were in Greece or Italy he might have been ripped to shreds!  There's a saying we used a lot in the 1970's when things were more mellow.  Whenever something was real funny we'd say "that's a riot" or "aren't they a riot?"  My have times have changed.