Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monsanto's Having a Gentically Modified Break Down

The world's largest producer of genetically modified seeds, GMO products and America's herbicide is having a serious break down after reaching new heights earlier last year.

Earlier in 2010, Forbes Magazine had even named Monsanto Company of the Year. Just months later the magazine has has since apologized for the error while stock speculator Jim Cramer has named Monsanto "the worst stock of 2010".  Serves the bastards right for meddling with the American food supply!

These Monsanto monsters have been messing with our food making it unfit for human consumption and the laws of karma are in full force in effect.  When I learned most all corn in the U.S. is genetically modified  it was really upsetting.  Studies showed organ failure and sterility in lab animals! (see Monsanto and Dow bring 'Smartstax' corn to you, like it or not.

Monsanto's stocks have since dropped by 43% this year and there's a Justice Department investigation into its alleged anti-trust violations in its attempts to gain footholds in the European agricultural markets.
"Their one-time standing as one of Big Agra’s biggest movers and shakers is withering away. Their latest products are just more of the same; they offer nothing new to replace their dominant seed varieties that have been the core of the company’s sales – in tandem with the soon-to-be-defunct RoundUpherbicide. In their latest report to investors, Monsanto admitted (in so many words) that in order to stay competitive, they will have to start slashing prices. A first for the GM titan. - Watch for the Coming Collapse of Monsonto"- NaturalNews.com
These bastards can burn in hell for what they were trying to do to the American food supply essentially making it unfit for human consumption!
"The future isn't looking so bright for Monsanto anymore. We may be witnessing the beginning of the death knell that finally brings the anti-food giant to its knees." - Natural News.com 
Genetically modified food my ass, they better not mess with my wine either!