Sunday, January 16, 2011

Storing Antibiotics In Case of Emergencies

I remember back when I was young I used to feel immortal  listening to great music while driving my blue RX-7 sports car around the beaches of Southern California.  I can't really remember what that feeling was like anymore but I do know it was a very delusional and arrogant state of mind to have.  One becomes more humbled and down to earth when they go through near death or serious health issues.  Just the idea that life could end in a millisecond is enough to shake anyone out of the strong hypnosis of the world.

Well, I've confirmed I'm pretty much slowly dying now, or at least this is my gradual awareness I'm no longer immortal coming to light.  Each year I start out with mild cold that turns into a major bronchial infection that lasts for weeks.  It's a very serious illness I no longer underestimate. If I didn't have antibiotics it would last months. Last July I was sick for three weeks and that was even while taking antibiotics, though I started taking them late. 

This slow lingering death happened because I had walking pneumonia on Christmas day when I was a kid.  Once you have walking pneumonia you're highly prone to bronchitis forever.  All the bronchitis infection needs is a mild trigger to set it off. I usually get bronchitis once a year but this year I've had it twice thanks to the recent cold weather.  Each year the infection takes a piece of life out of me.  That's why I know I'm slowly dying. 

For instance, last week I had to get up early to ride my eBike seven miles in 40 degree weather, a far cry from my younger days in Southern California.  That's probably the coldest weather I've been exposed to in decades. It was so cold that when the temp rose to 50 degrees it felt warm and 60 degrees felt like summer.  I had too much exposure to the cold mornings so I eventually succumbed to illness.  The cold was pure misery too, I don't know how people can live in sub freezing temps in New York or Chicago. 

Today I was reading Complete Survivalist magazine (pictured above) that was sent to me free in the mail that had an article about how to purchase antibiotics without a prescription such as Amoxicillin.  One of the reasons I couldn't get a head start on shaking the illness back in July was I always had to wait until the symptoms get worse to show my doctor I need the antibiotics prescription.  Doctors don't like over prescribing the antibiotic stuff for some reason.  Perhaps they fear people will build up an immune system to it, I don't know.  All I know is if I don't have antibiotics I think I really would die.

I did some research to discover there are several sites on the Internet from overseas that sell antibiotics legally without a prescription at a reasonable price, one of them is  I'm storing up on antibiotics now in case of real emergencies such as economic collapse.  The shelf life is 1-2 years. Please note, as a disclaimer  I can't lawfully recommend what others can do about their antibiotics needs, but can offer this information for educational purposes.
 "Even a minor cut could turn into a fatal injury if infection sets in and you have no way to treat it.  Having antibiotics would literally be a life-saver." - Complete Survivalist
As for me, had it not been for this stupid bronchial thing I probably would have lived a long time.  I think this is going to cut my life short, it's that bad.  I'm not afraid of dying but can feel something up ahead at some time that will be the end of me. In any event, I don't take life for granted anymore.