Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tree Hugger Has Millions of Trees On Her Side

After a few of my recent posts, I'm hoping the bullies are finally getting the message loud and clear that I'm not a woman to be messed with. My tree hugging a while back posted about in True Confessions of a Tree Hugger has apparently resulted in millions of trees around the world coming to life on my behalf to forewarn, "Don't mess with this woman, we're her friends!"

Trees are really part of our lives in so many ways being everywhere including in our homes.   Like myself, trees are tired of being manhandled so we bonded.   In these photos the trees are trying to say "We're alive!", "We exist!" "Stop messing with us!" "You're not the center of the universe asshole!"

You're my friend tree!  Drop your arsenal, a pine cone, on the asshole's head so he'll get amnesia and leave me alone, will you please?

These photos and messages are meant for the bullies Nice people need not take offense.

Remember that bench you and your sweetheart used to sit on each year on Valentine's Day?

Another shot of an enemy's fond memory disappearing forever.

Here's your sweet heart's old bike you used to ride each Valentine's Day

Another shot of a memory leaving the earth, consumed by my angry pal.

Oh, here's that old 1970's motorcycle she gave you on your honeymoon!  Being the spoiled prick you are, it's one of dozens your slut got you throughout your life.  My friend the tree says no more!

Just a sign, nothing but a sign! What came first, the tree or the cane?

Another sign within a sign.

There's a road closed for you asshole, except one day you won't have the sign to tell you it's dangerous.

This way when you're trespassing and hunting you won't know why some angry dude's pointing a rifle your way.

Next I'll be working towards becoming deep spiritual pals with Black Holes. . . .