Tuesday, February 22, 2011

103 Year Old Woman Credits Longevity to No Men In Her Life

Want to stay healthy and live a long life?  There's a woman claiming the reason she's lived to be 103 is partly due to not having men in her life. Other claims for her longevity include never drinking, taking prescription drugs or smoking.  Gladys Gough of Conventry in the UK said:
"I never got married or had a boyfriend. That probably had something to do with it, I just couldn't be bothered with men.

I always eat my dinner. I've always made sure that I've eaten well.  Men have never been a part of my life."
The Sun article I Am 103 Because I've Never Had Sex continued:

Gladys said she dedicated her life to seeing the world with her sister Edna who died in 1996 at the age of 85, adding:

"We were always being approached by men but preferred to travel and talk to each other instead."

Here are a few interesting comments posted under the article:

You are so right - Men just aren't worth it! Live, Love and enjoy life in your own way...There are no rules to follow, no 2 people are alike and you should just be free to do whatever you want - as long as it makes you happy, Who cares? 


You go girl! sex is overrated anyway.. same with alcohol. 

She has more respect for herself.


ahh bless her :)

Bless her heart xx don't need disgusting men to live long being there waitress all your life