Thursday, February 24, 2011

AeroGarden Taking America By Storm - Year Round Indoor Fresh Herbs & Veggies

A few years ago I learned about a new way of growing plants with only water and nutrients called hydroponic gardening. I even asked if our building in San Francisco would possibly open up a hydroponic garden for tenants on the roof.  Unfortunately, as in most buildings, we're not allowed to put out planters on the fire escape because it's in violation of the city safety codes.  As with most requests of such unique tenant ideas, including a satellite dish to enable cheaper cable television, solar panels, etc., apparently the roof garden idea never took root to initiate any action.

A few days ago I came upon information about the AeroGarden by Aerogrow.  I read through the rave reviews and decided to purchase a couple of them to create an indoor vegetable garden.  As was my initial concern, the wattage used by the AeroGarden is similar to that of an average wattage light bulb and the lights are automatically controlled by the machine so as not to waste electricity.  Aerogrow claims it costs under $3.00 a month in electricity to use its AeroGarden system.  Since tomatoes in San Francisco most always run $3.99 per pound, and the cherry tomatoes even more at Trader Joes, it's well worth it. I love tomatoes and basil. Basil is even more expensive and tends to go to waste in a few days of sitting in the refrigerator. I also know I'll eat healthier foods if I have fresh lettuce on hand to make salads. 

I decided I needed an AeroGarden because I can grow my own cherry tomatoes, various lettuce, basil and herbs that would provide and endless amount of healthy easily accessible food at my fingertips.  If I want flowers, I can grow roses and lavender to infuse in honey that is one of the projects I plan of small promotional jars for my notary public business.

Because you can't combine growing some of the types of vegetables like the salad with the herbs or the flowers with the herbs, and tomatoes require a special system, I actually purchased two AeroGardens. Now I don't have to worry about insecticides, genetically modified and other dangers associated with crops.  I won't be using tap water, only purified water, to ensure my plants aren't polluted with chemicals.

This AeroGarden owner explains how many feel about their indoor garden that brings them endless happiness, freedom and satisfaction.

Now I know when there's a food shortage of vegetables I won't have to worry as long as I have seeds on hand and the electricity and water available to grow the plants.  People in the dead of winter can now have their own lovely fragrant garden anywhere in the world.  

I would have loved to have been a distributor for the AeroGarden but I'm afraid AeroGrow isn't using network marketing to sell their product.  As soon as I have my first crop in a few weeks I may also put up a video sharing my experience. for more information.