Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Anti-Valentine's Day Movement's Growing

As I said in my previous post, Valentine's Day's Nearing - What Does it Really Mean?, Valentine's Day is fun when you're a kid in elementary school with all the great candy and sharing.  When you've had a few Valentine's Days under your belt, the alleged special day of romance becomes cliche for many people in ad nauseam.  Until this blog, I've ignored the day for many years since it largely means nothing to me personally.  I can't remember the last time I gave any attention to this day other than laughing at guys I've seen around San Francisco carrying one rose to bring to what would surely be an underwhelmed girlfriend (gay men wouldn't put up with one lousy $2.00 rose).

The Internet has revealed many other people share the same sentiments of this day as I do.  In Are You Part of the Anti-Valentine's Day Movement?, a writer listed anti establishment activities some partake in each year:
  • No anti-Valentine’s Day activist should be without the Anti-Valentine’s Handbook (available at This pocket-sized manifest includes a list of the best movies for a night alone, anti-Valentine’s Day recipes, “worst date” stories and other ideas to help you avoid the heartache of Feb. 14.
  • Throw an Anti-valentine's Day Party. Invite guests to wear black and decorate with dead flowers. Find anti-Valentine’s Day party ideas here.
  • Find bromance:  Get your buddies in touch with their “bromantic” side with these ideas for a "bromantic" night out.
  • Attend the Shred Your Ex and Find Your Next Party
    The Bottom Line in Washington, D.C. is having a Valentine’s Day Bash like no other. On Saturday, Feb. 12, bring your old photos, cards or notes from you ex and put them through the shredder.
  • Play break-up scrabble: only use words that represent insulting names for exes.
  • Make voodoo dolls of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, then toss them out the window or throw them in the fireplace. (See my recent post When The Evil So Thrive, Voodoo em!)
  • Wait for the marked down chocolate on Feb. 15!
As for these poor souls who have had ex-boyfriends or husbands, at least I don't have to deal with that part of life at all.  Instead, over the years I've had to deal with nosy employers, roommates, cyber stalkers and authoritarian strangers who have tried their hardest to break into my personal life over the years.  I haven't had a boyfriend since the early 1980's and, had it not been for all the discrimination and harassment that comes along with it, would have been just fine and happy without one.

The fact is I've been harassed and tormented for not having a boyfriend and/or husband for many years now.  The amount of humiliation men have created for me is equal to the number of years I've provided ZERO emotional support for their sick misguided species.  I don't want a boyfriend, and it's clear to me platonic guy/girl friendships don't work.  I tried just to be friends with guys and treated them nicely. They expected more than friendship so I dumped them all.

Never again. I'm part of the movement.

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