Monday, February 14, 2011

Dickipedia - A Wiki Of Dicks For Valentine's Day

There seems to be a growing trend lately of men making utter fools of themselves, many of high political stature, over women.  I began to really take notice of the trend a few days ago with the hilarious Craigslist Congressman incident.  It was like something out of The Onion, too unbelievable to be true.  How could a married politician be so dumb to send an email under his real name on Craigslist to a woman asking to exchange photos?  The infamous hilarious Craigslist photo had multitudes laughing around the country.
"Christopher Lee, a married Republican, gets himself re-elected as a congressman and — because he evidently isn’t busy enough –  goes wandering through Craigslist’s classified ads. Topless Congressman Sets Record for Disgrace 'Is the 3-minute Scandal Far Off'? - The National Post"

"Lee experienced his fall from grace in a single afternoon, undone at the speed of the digital age. At lunchtime Wednesday, he was an obscure but promising second-term congressman. Then, at 2:33 p.m., the Web site Gawker posted an alleged e-mail exchange between a man who used Lee’s name – but identified himself as a divorced lobbyist – and an unidentified woman. Gawker reported that the two had met through the personals section of Craigslist. - Washington Post blog"
Speaker of the house John Boehner said "Christopher made the right decision to resign."  

Speaking of John Boehner, a story recently broke he may also be under scrutiny for stupid activities with women.  Just a few days ago an article, Sex Scandal Might Bring Down John Boehner, cited the New York Times conducting an investigation into alleged affairs on his wife:
"Capitol Hill insiders and political bloggers have been buzzing about an upcoming New York Times probe–detailing an alleged affair that the 61-year-old married father of two had with pretty Washington lobbyist LISBETH LYONS."
You can find additional info on John Boehner on the Dickipedia website here.

Last year, many people heard about Mel Gibson's screw up with his former girlfriend thanks to the rather graphic voice mail messages of his tantrums about wanting blow jobs in jacuzzis and other multiple complaints.  I bet many of these people didn't know Mel's since been added to the Dickipedia website.  Here's a few quotes from the dicki wiki site:
"Mel Gibson began making the odd Tom Cruise-ian metamorphosis from hunk to kook with his birth on January 3, 1956. He shares this birthday with J.R.R. Tolkien and the crappier of the two Manning brothers currently playing quarterback in the NFL.

Interestingly enough, Gibson is not originally from the Land Down Under. He was actually born in Peekskill, New York, which means that Gibson cannot ever be deported no matter how much racial turmoil he incites or how many Lethal Weapon sequels he decides to make.

The sixth of 11 children, Mel is the son of noted dick Holocaust denier Hutton Gibson, author of such nutburger religious screeds as The Enemy is Here! It was Hutton who moved the family to Australia in the late 1960s, with proceeds he won as a champion on Jeopardy! True story. One can only imagine the impact on cinematic history had the elder Gibson failed to phrase the answer in the form of a question. - Mel Gibson Dickipedia Entry"
Also see my Mel Gibson post Best Mel Gibson Rant Videos

 On Sunday, thousands of angry women protest against Prime Minister Berlusconi's behavior towards women. The pink protester's sign may be out of respect for Valentine's Day.

Then across the continent, this morning I woke up to news thousands of women across Italy are protesting their Prime Minister Berlusconi's alleged behavior toward women under the slogan "Italy's Not a Brothel".

Yesterday thousands of women protested in 200 cities across Italy against the Prime Minister's Dickipedia worthy behavior with 18 year old girls.

At the end of the day it was reported Berlusconi was hit in the face after an attacker hurled a statuette at the Italian Premier.  Berlusconi suffered a broken nose, broken teeth and bloodied mouth. Happy Valentine's Day idiot! (See Berlusconi Bloodied By Hurled Statuette-

In other dick  news:
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