Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny Pet Missing Signs

I'll start out by writing that yesterday was extremely stressful.  The day began innocently enough with birds chirping, the sun crystal clear and the sky as blue as can be only to quickly degenerate into all kinds of unusual chaos. 

Today I needed something to lighten up my mood so here goes.

LOL, medicated dog missing. Link

What breed of cat is this?  Link

 Likes to sing "The Andy Griffith Show" - What?  Link

 This sign was posted on Seattle's "Tangletown" neighborhood. Reminds me of when I had a pet crawdad from Lake Tahoe that didn't last long in the tupperware home.  Link 

As I've continually stated in this blog, a majority of married men feel this way about their wives and probably visa versa.

This poor emu probably ran away because of the geeky name and haircut its owner gave it. Link

Unhappy chicken?   Link

 LOL, probably taken for someone's fly leg eyelashes I posted a few days ago. Link