Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Trend Of Men Seeking Sex Favors Exposed

Not until lawsuits became accessible to the average woman has it been possible to stand up to outrageous male sexual harassment behavior.  The fact is, sexual harassment and male domination has been happening since the beginning of time being accepted as normal conduct by many women as such.  That is, until women obtained the right to sue their oppressor.

Men are usually smarter then this fellow I'm about to blog about, as they find ways of shielding themselves from exposure holding a woman hostage psychologically by threatening potential danger or punishment, especially if the aggressors are police officers.  However, today even this kind of situation of police brotherhoods are failing thanks to technology and the power of the Internet.

In this next particular case, the outrageous conduct came from a school principle attempting to obtain sexual favors in turn for helping a mother's son in high school.  It's rare a woman is strong enough to stand up to this type of conduct that's likely widespread, for fear of social repercussions.
A mother claims her son's high school principal, "in an outrageous attempt to obtain sexual favors," told her, "if you let me . . . . . .., then I will make sure [your son] is not accused of doing anything wrong and I will help him if he gets into trouble." She claims Clifton H.S. principal Jimmie Warren also exposed himself to her in his office and told her to "just touch it."

The mother, Dawn Colombo, claims those lewd suggestions were just part of "a continuing pattern of extremely inappropriate, unwelcome, harassing and sexually suggestive communications" from Warren. She claims that Warren refused to lift her son's disciplinary suspension after she spurned his sexual advances.

Colombo claims that "members of the Board of Education, administrators within the district and other agents and employees of defendants were aware of Warren's activities and took no action in response thereto despite their legal duty to do so."

At a June 28, 2010 meeting in his office, Colombo says, Warren approached her from behind and . . . . ..  . She says the crude gesture, which she rebuffed, left her unable to sleep.  The next day, she says, she told Warren she was going to report the incident to police. She says Warren told her that if she did, it would leave her son with no one to protect him. - CourtHouseNews

There was also a story back in 2007 of a video tape of evidence state trooper James Randall Moss received sexual favors to disregard illegal painkillers found in a woman's vehicle.  The 2007 article read:

"Moss is accused of stopping females for traffic violations where he would inappropriately approach them in a sexual nature," the release read. "If they complied, he would lessen their punishments." - Third Sex Allegation Made Against ex-Tenn. Trooper

The indictment followed an investigation that began in May 2007, when porn star Justis Ellen Richert, who performs under the name Barbie Cummings, posted a blog recounting sordid details of an alleged escapade with Moss, in which she performed oral sex on the trooper as a thank you for his disregard of narcotics found in her car. - Trooper Indicted for Porn Start Tryst- ABCnews

I'd have to say this kind of police conduct was more widespread prior to easy access of cell phone video cameras, spy cams and small audio recording devices.  Prior to technology's boom, women didn't have much a leg to stand on against this kind of status quo activity.  Even attorney Anita Hill (See Anita Hill Asked to Apologize to Justice Thomas's Wife - NYTimes)  was given a hard time in her accusations of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  I can affirm there's a tremendous amount of gender discrimination running rampant in the court system regardless of women being added to the Supreme Court bench.  My experience is many women in power participate in aiding and abetting the oppression of other women in agreeing to follow their superior male counterparts political authority over them. 

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for actor Mel Gibson to be charged for his obvious crimes of domestic violence and abuse in Los Angeles.  We all heard it with our own ears and saw the photos of Gibson's battered girlfriend with real injuries and medical reports.  It was duly noted a story appeared yesterday that Gibson's claims of extortion went to the district attorney's office yesterday.  (See A Look At Secret Negotiations in Mel Gibson's Extortion Case as Detectives Wrap Up Investigation - LA Times)

There's a lot more information in the principal case if you want to read more in the brief (PDF) itself.  Or, you can visit the article on