Friday, February 10, 2012

Police Officers' Sick Evil Orwellian Brotherhood of Darkness

I'm sure there are many women who are into uniforms and men of authority but I'm not one of them.  I had the misfortune of growing up near a future police officer a few doors down on Via Boronada in Palos Verdes Estates, CA who terrorized me and infiltrated other members of my family for sex from 1975-1986.

In 1976 future police officer Ken Greco trespassed on our property one evening jumping over the fence after one of his wild high school angel dust parties, to tap on my bedroom window hoping I'd come out to have sex with him. He sat in the woodshed near my window a long time and when I awoke discovered he had twisted a stick in my dog's choker collar to tighten the grip around her throat.  My gentle puli/sheep dog was partially blind and deaf and died the following year.

Future Officer Ken Greco would often drink beer in his vehicle while driving. I was a witness that Greco would get drunk and then expect sex from me.  The only reason the then boy was ever involved with me was because he lived two houses down. He used to raid our tomboy girl street football games which is how he initially infiltrated into my life.  I'd play touch football with Brenda Daly, whose a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego, and her sister Cindy Daly who's a doctor in Maryland.  I once overheard Greco talking to these neighbors saying bad things about me, since I was his target.  My mother later broke the news she had sex with this foul man shortly after her divorce and I've been sickened by it ever since.  Psycho also tried to have sex with my now deceased sister I was later told.

The Seeds of Suffering Were Planted Early In Life By This Orwell Scum

I remember this future officer bringing up George Orwell's 1984 back in 1976, it was required reading in high school literature classes.  I few times I felt I was being watched at night from my bedroom window which is why I was forced to keep the curtain's drawn.  Big brother planted his seed of destruction back then for my life that has carried through in a pattern of police typically violating my privacy using paranoid schizophrenic people, or scaring people about me with hyped up fabrications, distortions and lies.  Essentially police initially tried to hijack my life to make me part of their police family and Greco once suggested to me in my teens I should think of becoming a police officer.

This Greco idiot was later allowed to become a police officer in Hermosa Beach, CA because police cover-up for one another, it's a secret brotherhood. The only time a police officer ever gets in trouble is when he does something really outrageous and dumb, otherwise the skies the limit for those who practice evil using this medium.  From my experience, police don't really protect and serve, they exploit circumstances for political gain and are largely glorified thugs.  Police rely heavily on mind control, color of law and know what buttons to push to make vulnerable women in particular feel panicked and hysterical.

Police Failed To Rescue Petit Family After Tip Was Given to Bankteller They Were Hostages

Since I haven't watched television since 2007, I didn't hear about the Petit family murderers until recently.  I saw an article about how defense attorneys were attacking the only survivor of a home invasion, for his complaints about the legal system.  (See Home Invasion Survivor William Petit Criticized for Justice System Complaints - Mail Online) I did a little research to ultimately discover police failed to act when Ms. Petit went to a bank to withdraw money for the robber after she had tipped off the bank clerk.  Ms. Petit told the bank clerk she didn't feel she was in danger and that the robber was being nice and she believed they'd be okay.  An hour later Ms. Petit and her two daughters were sadistically tortured, raped and burned to death.  The police just waited and watched from outside without any intervention and later made excuses.

The brutal details of what police allowed to happen by not intervening when tipped off a family was taken hostage.  This outcome could have easily been avoided and police done their jobs.

I wasn't surprised to read about how the police failed to come to the aid of Ms. Petit because from my experience over the years they largely have the same sociopath mentality of the home-invaders.  Reports were that the two invaders had a male ego issue going on in finding it necessary to upstage each other to rape the two daughters and the mother.

How Palos Verdes Estates, CA Police Oversaw a Fictional Home Robbery to Enter Into Former Ram's Coach George Allen's Widowed Wife's Home To Later Request Gym Equipment

I'll never forget back around 1992 reading in the Daily Breeze (during a break from doing 206 hours of community service picking up trash on the beach from Officer Steve Eberhard's excessive traffic ticket) how the Palos Verdes Police Department had been giving former Rams coach George Allen's widow's home special surveillance.

The article went on to describe how a Palos Verdes Police Officer believed the home was possibly being burglarized having observed some unrecognizable person in the home at night.  The officer decided to enter the home only to discover it was just a guest. The story went on to describe how all the rather intimidating police activity prompted Ms. Allen, a widow, to donate her husband's gym equipment to the Palos Verdes Police Department.

In the article, Captain Mike Tracy, who I posted about earlier in my Valentine's Day article, was pictured hugging Ms. Allen along with his hand firmly planted on his holstered gun. I learned the thugs later got to place their donated gym equipment at a local closed junior high school.  The cops were essentially rewarded for breaking and entering a private residence without the owner's permission.

In yesterday's article Americans Are Oppressed Too former Reagan staff adviser Paul Craig Roberts wrote:
"Why are the police so aggressive toward the public? In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths. Even normal cops are proud of their authority and expect deference. Even cops who are not primed to be set off can turn nasty in a heartbeat."
The bottom line is you can't expect thugs in uniform to come to the rescue of people, because many use police work to practice evil like doctors practice medicine.  Cops are really only out for themselves and their secret dark brotherhood. Cops often hide behind an image so they can convince juries not to convict them. The reason there's so much garbage written about me on the Internet is due to the fruits of police and their paranoid schizophrenic supporters who identify with them to spy on people seeing themselves as part of the Big Brother spy network and disinformation campaign. 

Other related stories of evil deeds of cops:

A San Francisco police officer was arrested a while back on two felony charges related to the theft of a vehicle registration sticker that the district attorney's office says he stole from a motorist during a traffic stop. - SF Police Officer Arrested On Theft Charges

This video portrays typical police behaviors allowed to thrive for decades prior to video cameras and YouTube becoming common. These officers are going to have a tough time defending themselves from this behavior due to it being recorded by a security camera across the street.

In another example, the forensic medical examiners the government outsources often produce results for the court testimony based on substandard work as reported in today's SF Gate article Forensic Medical Group Scrutinized.  Innocent people have gone to jail as a result of this kind of government corroboration to produce inaccurate results for court testimony.

Many Judges Are In On The Evil Brotherhood Game

Some judges are also in on these dark evil police brotherhoods. Surprise!  A cop can write whatever he wants in a police report and it instantly becomes fact since a judge will accept it as such. A citizen would require thousands of dollars to pay an attorney to defend themselves from false accusations from paranoid schizophrenic mental patients.  For instance, a paranoid schizophrenic 5 time court evicted woman took over a lease in 1999 to a phenomenal deal in San Francisco during a housing crisis thanks to the help of the SFPD.  

Two bankruptcy's later and the lady still lives in what is now an unkempt dump thanks to the help of the SFPD securing her lease with false police reports driving me off the property.  I had been working long hard nights at Morrison & Foerster LLP on a 5:30 pm - 2:00 am shift along with overtime and this crazy lady was calling the police on me behind my back.  I didn't even know they were coming onto the property to write up little police tickets based on a paranoid schizophrenic's claims. The lady was dishonest and had actually been evicted from the Progress Foundation's mental health housing program just a few years prior to conning her way into the living situation via the elderly leaseholder.  She had also failed to pay rent an entire year from another government subsidized program, where she contested the eviction.  Will this lady ever be paying back her $90,000 tax payer funded student loan for her non-job degree?  I don't think so, not at the age of 65 she won't.   (PDF of the roommate's crazy eviction case)

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