Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dog Rises From Dead to Thousands of Adoption Offers

In a tear jerker story for dog lovers everywhere, a former doomed little 3 month puppy has come back from the dead after having survived two euthanasia attempts.  Wall-e, a cute little black and white pooch, was found sitting on top a pile of dog carcasses having even survived a 30 degree night and a missed dumpster pick-up after a vet had declared him dead.

Here's Wall-e's profile on

Where to begin with this miracle - pup. .... On Friday 2/18 him and about 5 of his siblings where left in front of Animal Control- due to over crowding and their scrawny appearance they were euthanized that night. ... Wall-e was euthanized twice- once in the arm and then in the heart.... he was believed dead and disposed of in the dumpster "with the rest"..... On Saturday morning (2/19) the animal control officer found him very much alive and hungry...... a young girl gave him the name of Wall-e based on the animated movie since Wall-e was also a survivor/ last of his kind and then came back :) Wall-e has been checked over by a vet, he has alot of hookworms and is being treated for that. He has had his first puppy dhpp and bordetella vaccines and a dose of sentinel for fleas and parasites. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Wall-e please call Amanda at 817-266-1901.

Thousands of people as far as Canada are now trying to adopt the pup. 

Puppy Survives Being Put Down, Declared Dead and Thrown in Dumpster -