Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frozen Forest At Bottom of Lake Panics Scientists Over 200 Year Drought

I was reading an interesting story of a newly discovered  underwater ancient forest frozen in time at the bottom of Fallen Leaf Lake next to Lake Tahoe, California.  Scientists have been mapping the bottom of the lake using the latest technology known as "side scan sonar" that's used to find sunken ships.  The scientists used a submarine to take photos after discovering frozen 100 foot trees some going back as far as the time of ancient Egypt 3000 years ago.
"What I like to call a ghost forest," says Prof. Graham Kent of the University of Nevada, describing trees up to 100 feet tall, as high as a 10-story building, but covered by water. "We have old wood from a thousand years ago, 2,000, 3,000 down there." Inside an Underwater Forest Frozen in Time - ABCNews.com
Ten story high trees frozen in time, that is pretty amazing if you think about it.  What researchers  also discovered in the data was that there had been big changes of the water level around 1,000 years ago that enabled large trees to grow where the lake now sits.
"Researchers say all this evidence confirms that a thousand years ago there was a prolonged drought in the Sierra. It lasted about 200 years -- long enough for huge trees to grow where Fallen Leaf Lake now sits." - Article Link

The scientists turned their finding into fear mongering over man made global warming and the possibility of a future 200 drought.  Why?

The reason I'm questioning the soundness of these claims is Prof. Graham Kent began promoting fear about the prospect of man made global warming, not to mention that what he is claiming makes no sense. The article continued:
Kent says the long Sierra drought happened naturally a thousand years ago. But he and other top researchers believe human-caused global warming might bring on another severe drought even faster in the future.
"So take the great Dust Bowl and extend it from 10 years to 200 and some years," explains Kent. "And just wonder how the economies of California and Nevada are going to be affected by it."  Inside an Underwater Forest Frozen in Time - ABCNews.com
Since Prof. Kent already said trees had already grown where the lake is today 2,000-3,000 years ago that exist at the bottom, it makes no sense why he says a drought occurred that enabled trees to grow for 200 years 1,000 years ago. Think about it, the lake was once a forest he claims, and then suddenly he says a drought hit and the trees grew huge for 200 years or so where there was no lake. It makes absolutely no sense at all.   It all sounds like a contrived attempt to either misrepresent or skew data to promote the man made global warming agenda.  

It's pretty transparent now how some of these scientists are using their faulty data and theories to promote the highly political man made global warming agenda that was proven a fraud last year.  See "Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming 'Greatest Scam in History' Man made global warming was proven nothing more than a scam of rigged scientific data promoted and funded by Gore and other Rockefeller globalists to get more taxes out of the world population.  The sun is responsible for whatever warming happened in the 1990's and now we are in a pre-ice age period.  I'm wondering if this science project was funded by the man made global warmest interests. 

Near the end of the article they go on to say they "plan more research to make more accurate predictions" admitting their data is unreliable.  I think it's time to realize, just as with anything else, though someone is allowed to call oneself a scientist, that doesn't automatically mean they're a good or noble one.  The possibility for scientists to distort and misrepresent facts exists as it does with any other profession.  

Any scientist who promotes the fraud of man made global warming and projects fear into the future imagining 200 year droughts has got to be off his rocker or working on behalf of those with a political agenda who paid the expenses for his science project.

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