Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Expected to Hit San Francisco Coast in AM

This is a first for me as a native Californian of 51 years, a tsunami from a one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history is expected to hit the beaches in San Francisco today.

Last night I heard about Japan's 8.9 earthquake and scanned the Internet to find it didn't seem that serious.  The media reported that buildings had been shaking and it seemed the quake was too deep within the earth to have much of an impact.  I always read about large earthquakes happening in Indonesia that have little to no impact because they're so far below the surface of the earth.  So when I woke-up to hear of all the catastrophe I was a bit shocked to learn they're expecting a tsunami to hit San Francisco's beaches this morning. 

A tsunami arrived in San Francisco bay at 9:38 a.m. this photograph was taken.
A  BART transportation person said, "We've never had a tsunami warning this big. We are being overly cautious."
Back when I was living in the Ocean Beach area of San Francisco in 1999, I once had a  lucid dream of a huge wall of water coming toward me from miles away and being inundated by it.  According to Lori Dengler, professor of geology at Humboldt State University this is how it will unfold:
Asked what the tsunami could look like on the West Coast, given the horrific images from Japan, where the 8.9 earthquake late yesterday launched destructive waves, Dengler said, "It will look different in different places: In some places it looks like a wall, in some places it looks like a sloping mountain of water, or a rapidly rising flood or a tide. The native people in our area, the Yurok people, described the earth tilting and the water flowing in. - SFGate. 
Here's the latest info on San Francisco Bay area and Northern California tsunami news:

I follow earthquake reports from this Australian YouTuber who believes solar activity has something to do with triggering earthquakes. We had an enormous solar flare yesterday, March 10th.  In these two videos below, he's letting people know of another earthquake that just happened prior to Japan's last night in Bali Indonesia and of a solar flare.  He's now apparently asleep on the other side of the world unaware of what unfolded shortly after he uploaded this vid.   

Yesterday's solar flare release was recorded and uploaded by a YouTuber in Australia

Later that day, the Australian YouTuber uploaded his assessment of a large 6.5 earthquake in Bali Indonesia

I'm going to head out with my video camera to any allowed areas overlooking the tsunami area if I can. I'd love to get footage of the waves.  I'll post them here later today if I manage to get any footage. It's just not every day the largest earthquake in recent history causes a tsunami to come to San Francisco so I'm taking the day off.  It's times like these I just love having no boss.  

For live updates on the tsunami visit here.

Tsunami Closes Local Beaches, Great Highway -