Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why The USGS Covers-Up Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Activity

I recently noted a few YouTubers like Dutchsinse who monitor earthquake activity were questioning why Yellowstone earthquake data was missing from the USGS maps.  I dug a little deeper to learn that back in 2007 the Bush administration placed a rule change on the release of USGS earthquake activity in the Yellowstone region and the Obama administration has since been following suit.
A rule change at the U.S. Geological Survey restricts agency scientists from publishing or discussing research without that information first being screened by higher-ups at the agency. Special screening will be given to "findings or data that may be especially newsworthy, have an impact on government policy, or contradict previous public understanding to ensure that proper officials are notified and that communication strategies are developed." - Bush Admin: What You Know Can't Hurt Us -
You may want to read the entire article on how the Bush Administration sought to keep secrets from the American people like few others before him.  We were so naive back in the 1970's to believe exposing the former impeached President Nixon was the last of this type of secret government activity!  What has Obama done to reverse these executive orders and trends?  Apparently nothing.

Regardless of information being held back from the public, word has been gradually getting out things have been happening in Yellowstone that are considered unusual. There are just a couple news organizations that reported on the information since 2008 of the growing activity but many have apparently gotten the message from the gov't not to air stories on Yellowstone so we very rarely see such reports.  There is one recent report however.

Physicist and author Michio Kaku is either hyping up potential disasters to sell his books, or is truly concerned as a brave scientist putting himself out on a limb so to speak.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I try not to second guess a physicist, I'm not that smart really. 

This video is as recent as February, 2011. It seems physicist Michio Kaku isn't projecting a persona of genuine fear, but more of generating interest based on a potential disaster scenario related to recent activities.

First aired in 2008 - updates have been placed in text in the video of the swarms that followed.

Aired in 2009 - We've seen few airings of this nature reporting on Yellowstone activities

In any event, there certainly does seem to be an industry out there designed to scare the hell out of all of us, that's for sure.  People are clearly profiting from these forthcoming disaster scenarios including in movies.  Because there's profit from spreading this info, we all have to take it in with a grain of salt. At the very least, it's very interesting there's a supervolcano that will definitely erupt to change the geography of the U.S. one day.  The odds of this happening in our lifetimes, let alone during humanity's life on earth, is virtually null and void. Geographic events span millions upon millions of years on this planet.  The last super volcano eruption was 640 million years ago!  Simply because it's due for another eruption every 600 million years is kind of wild speculation.

What About HAARP?

My real concern is the man made earthquake device known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research) could be causing unnatural events. For decades the U.S. government has been preparing huge underground infrastructures to survive some future cataclysmic event.  Then there's the group known as eugenicists who want to do away with masses of people leaving 500,000 or so to best manage.  They say many powerful people are part of this eugenicist group including Bill Gates.  They envision taking off like Star Trek to explore the universe after much of humanity's wiped out and to live forever with all the new technologies they've kept secret unto themselves.  So, it's of concern they are perhaps using HAARP technology to trigger induced earthquake activity for such a purpose.

In retrospect, I guess I would have to lien towards the fact that Michio Kaku has a new book coming out Physics of the Future and is trying to keep in the media spotlight to promote it.  Kaku's also been doing interviews about UFOs and the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, seemingly riding a wave and seeking media attention.  I'd tend to agree with a few others that Kaku does seem to be hyping things up a bit.

What this all means is that I won't be losing sleep over any alleged forthcoming super volcano eruption regardless of the fact the U.S. gov't wants to keep the information from the public.