Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Yawn On U.S. Government Shutdown

In spite of my being extremely busy, I still managed to keep a promise I wouldn't miss a day's post this year.  I try to avoid being one of those bloggers who mostly reposts other's articles but I only have about 20 minutes because I have to get up early in the morning. If I don't get 8 hours of sleep, I become zombified.  In any event, this info needs to be circulated so people won't panic if the government's shut down.  As you can see the list below really isn't that big a deal. In other words, we're all going to survive this lame Federal government shutdown.  

So here goes, the "big no no" article repost for April 8, 2011 from End of American Dream Blog:

#1 Hundreds of thousands of "non-essential" federal workers will be told to stay home during a government shutdown.

#2 Those in the military will not receive paychecks during a government shutdown but they will be required to keep performing their duties.

#3 The Obama administration is anticipating "significantly lower staffing levels" at the White House if a shutdown happens.

#4 Barack Obama will continue to be paid during a government shutdown.

#5 Congress will also be paid and will continue to operate at close to normal levels during a government shutdown.

#6 The Federal Reserve will continue to operate normally during a government shutdown.  The Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government.

#7 In all probability, all government employees will eventually receive any pay that is missed during a government shutdown.  During the 5 day U.S. government shutdown back in 1995, approximately 800,000 "non-essential" government employees were told not to come in to work.  But eventually they all got paid retroactively anyway.

#8 During a government shutdown, the Department of Homeland Security will suspend operation of its e-Verify system.  Employers will be unable to verify the immigration status of job applicants and that could have a substantial negative impact on hiring.

#9 The processing of small business loans and FHA mortgages will be delayed during a government shutdown.

#10 The U.S. Postal Service will not be affected by a government shutdown.  You will continue to get your mail.

#11 According to the Social Security Administration, everyone that is currently receiving Social Security benefits will continue to receive those benefits during a shutdown.  New applications will be delayed however.

#12 Medicare payments will continue during a government shutdown, but there will be a delay in processing new applications.

#13 During a government shutdown, the processing of paper tax returns by the IRS would be delayed.

#14 If there is a government shutdown, the processing of passport and visa applications could be seriously delayed.  This could have a negative impact on the tourism industry.

#15 National parks, museums and tourist attractions will be shut down.  According to the Washington Post, "about 500,000 visitors could be turned away this weekend alone from the National Zoo and the major Smithsonian museums on the Mall".

#16 The annual Cherry Blossom Festival parade in Washington D.C. that is scheduled for this weekend would be cancelled.

Big whoop de doo. . . yawn.  This gives me an idea for my next article; what makes yawning so contagious?