Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evidence of HAARP Weather Manipulation in Recent U.S. Deadly Storms

We now have 100% evidence that the recent deadly storms across the United States this weekend were caused by the weather manipulation device HAARP.  For those unaware, HAARP's technology originated with good intentions for humanity from the brilliant inventor Tesla but was later hijacked for evil purposes by the U.S. military complex.  The military has disguised the device being for the purpose of research, but evidence points to its use for weather manipulation, among other things, likely to promote fraud of the effects of global warming.

First, here's a great video if you want the background on HAARP technology prior to the next video that shows the evidence of weather manipulation in the recent storms.

This video explains how Tesla invented a device that could convert gas into cheap electricity to power cities.  The U.S. government took this tremendous invention and is using it for evil purposes to manipulate weather, among other things, to promote its cause for global warming and carbon dioxide taxes propaganda.  Such taxes would speed up the collapse of world economies and usher the ultimate plan for a one world government.

If you want to see the evidence of HAARP in the recent deadly storms, this following video has clear evidence. It's from a YouTuber whose been tracking HAARP activities and weather patterns for several months.  The evidence is impressive that they didn't count on HAARP rings appearing in satellite imagery for the average citizen to observe.  Dutchsinse has been following the patterns of HAARP rings appearing and has accurately predicted subsequent severe storms and/or tornado activity occurring in bulls eye center of the rings.

This is evidence of HAARP activity in weather manipulation over the deadly storms in the United States that took place on April 16, 2011.  The evidence comes from someone whose been following the pattern of HAARP "rings" appearing above the areas prior to the storms materializing. 

A video of yesterday's storm damage.  We the people can now say with 100% certainty, this was weather manipulation deliberately perpetrated by the U.S. military complex using HAARP.

For more videos on HAARP weather manipulation and earthquake activity, visit Dutchsince's YouTube Channel