Saturday, April 23, 2011

Men Are Becoming More Unpredictable And Dangerous

There have been a couple grisly dismembering stories in the news lately that mirror the growing unpredictability and insanity of men in particular.  A search is on for a devout Catholic father of four who decided to shoot and dismember his wife, daughter and two sons.

The family disappeared on April 4th and the father has since taken off to the French Rivera.  The dismembered bodies were discovered under their home patio.  Investigators are completely baffled why Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes shot his entire family and then told friends he was a secret agent in a witness protection program having to leave.
"De Ligonnes, a business manager, his 49-year-old school assistant wife and their children - sons aged 21, 18 and 13 and a girl aged 16 - disappeared earlier this month from their home in the western town of Nantes.   The father had earlier told acquaintances he was a secret agent and was leaving to join a witness protection scheme.

Police probing the disappearance found a section of human leg in the garden of the grey stone two-story house on Thursday morning, then gradually unearthed five bodies throughout the day, Nantes prosecutor Xavier Ronsin told journalists in the city." 
The father is clearly insane and mentally ill, likely due to being such a devout Catholic.  Seriously, it's a bad religion.  Not even Charles Manson would do that to his own family!  Think about it.   

Then there was a headline story of 15 year old Seath Jackson's torture, death, dismemberment and burning in a fire pit.  Seath was lured with texting to go to the Florida home of his ex-girlfriend to make-up with her. He was then brutally beaten, tortured, dismembered and murdered by his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. See Seath Jackson Murder: The Facebook Posts That Started It All -
"There are many more details in the article, including how Amber and Kyle’s stepfather came onto the scene to help them clean up and hide Seath Jackson’s ashes, and how Bargo broke the boy’s knees, the better to stuff him into a sleeping bag for disposal.

The hideousness of this crime is one thing. The fact that so many young people, both male and female, were allegedly involved is another. And the fact that a grown man – a stepparent to two of the alleged killers – helped hide the crime, adds another disgusting dimension." - The Murder of Seath Taylor Jackson, Summerville, Florida By Mike Bargo
I keep trying to tell people there's something very wrong with guys these days. They have some real evil happening inside of them I've dealt with for years. They are very vengeful, deceitful and hide behind images.  Women just want to continue with the blinders on that so many men are mentally ill and unstable. Look at how this girl Amber threw her entire future away over her boyfriend's need for revenge!

Too many men have a terrible virus in our culture and can't be trusted.  To those women who refuse to recognize there's a problem, I say good luck with that, hope you can survive.  I hope they don't cannibalize you when they get hungry without food one day.  These guys are monsters and one never knows when they'll strike next.   

As someone whose been a scapegoat of a few who refuse to acknowledge they have any problem whatsoever, I will continue to post stories showing how crazy and dangerous the male gender in particular is.  Women can certainly be dangerous too, but men are clearly more dangerous on a wider scale.