Sunday, April 3, 2011

Owner Shocked Over Her Sex Change Chicken & More

If you really think about it, chickens are hilarious birds, comical in every way. That's why when I heard this story I just had to laugh about how Gertie the hen turned into Bertie the rooster. Last winter Gertie stopped laying eggs and developed male rooster characteristics.  Imagine the shock of the owner who had never heard of anything like it before.

"Mrs Howard said Gertie developed wattles and her comb became much larger and more distinctive than it used to be.  Gertie also began strutting around the coop and 'frog-marching' around the garden.
"Then a few days later I heard her try to crow. She wasn't very good at it at first, but she's progressed nicely and now she really goes for it," Mrs Howard said." - Sex-Change Chicken Shocks Cambridigeshire UK Owner - BBC
Apparently the bird feed was the culprit according to the local veterinarian.  Gertie's lucky to have such an understanding owner who offered unconditional love saving the former hen from the pot.

In another related story reminiscent of The Onion, a recent study at Bristol University has found evidence of empathy in the emotional reactions of chickens.  You can listen to the two minute audio interview of Joanne Edgar, Bristol University researcher, it's quite interesting and weird.  Chickens have emotions?  Feelings?  What?  I was going to have chicken for dinner tonight but suddenly lost my appetite.

Speaking of feelings, this next video is worth watching about doggie guilt.  This video was put up a couple weeks ago and already has 6.6 million views.

"Someone helped themselves to the kitty cat treats while I was out.  Let's see who's guilty!"

These dogs are hilarious!

All this just proves that animals have feelings too.