Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Police Officers Are A Beast of Burden in America

Thanks to so many video cameras and YouTube people are getting much more of a glimpse of what their local police officers are doing.  Ever since the Rodney King beating uproar in the early 90's, cops are being exposed as criminal thugs on videos all the time. 

A few years back I met a lady who tried to impress me that she had connections with the San Francisco Police Department. To me, it was a sign Anna wasn't someone I wanted to know. In fact, if anyone is a personal friend with a police officer they will be banished from my life completely. These are vile, hideous two faced people who operate under fraudulent pretenses. They want you to think they're there to serve and protect only so they can get their foot in your door to exploit and torment your particular situation.  First and foremost, these cops want into your life to violate any way they can because they work for themselves and their precious pension system.

Two innocent little dogs become ensnared in a dispute between police officers and their owner.  Like many, the doggies observe police officers are a plague on our society doing more harm then good.

The United States of America imprisons more people then China and India combined thanks to assholes like these police officers featured on this blog today. These cops commonly lie, perjure themselves and ignorant juries typically give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks to a growing angry public's video activism, cops are losing their former stronghold on blind and deaf juries.   It's so out of hand several cop watch organizations have emerged.

A father who came home to witness his son had hanged himself gets beaten up by the police for not obeying their every word when they came onto his property to investigate the death.

These police officers don't really serve the American public, but a corrupt system that steals from the tax payer.  Police operate under the masquerade of serving and protecting when they really exist to harm, imprison, exploit and control. They're all about mind control, misery and violations of basic human dignity.  

A notary public and mental health counselor gets violated by a police officer on his own property for shooting footage of their arresting innocent adolescents.  The goon officer appears out of nowhere demanding the man turn over his cell phone as "evidence" and then arrests him for not doing so.

Police in this day and age are largely nothing more than criminals serving other criminals.  Not only can they not be trusted to tell the truth, but they will exploit anything for their own political advantage. These men are largely dumb stupid thugs with guns and nothing more.  These cops, of all people, deserve to be stereotyped and treated as outcasts for the psychological damage they do.

Michael Jackson was found innocent in a court of law, yet these cops found it necessary to torture the late pop singer. 

These cops try to blend in to make people think they're serving them when in fact multitudes of them are nothing more than parasites sucking their host in destroying many innocent people's lives while waiting for their obscenely inflated pensions.  These male officers in particular are beasts of burden and if anything good were to ever come from human extinction, it would be to rid the earth forever of these foul predator maggots who masquerade as good men with badges.

The cop family is a secret society serving evil and death. If you're a good person you will not support these parasites nor socialize with these two faced Nazi bastards.*

*I'm referring to your average predator cop whose involved in class warfare with the American public, not the level of those who investigate and solve crimes or locate criminals.