Monday, April 25, 2011

Psychic Stuff Happening

This evening I feel very strange because I've got brain freeze.  Whenever I get brain freeze it means my brain waves are jammed by some frequency interference so I can't get ideas to write stories with or find anything I connect with on-line.

I continue to experience psychic phenomena lately, the pattern I described earlier of when someone crosses my mind who I hear from shortly thereafter.  Last Thursday I was thinking of a former coworker from Kirkland & Ellis LLP who used my notary public services last year.  I never expected to hear from her again but lo and behold the next day I got a strange call from her, one where she didn't speak on the other end.  I could hear commotion in the background only for the person to hang up not hearing me.  I called back to confirm the person who called was Barbara because her voice mail picked up.  It was a bit spooky to say the least since I had no reason to think about her at all. 

In another example, the St. Francis Hospital crossed my mind and the next day I got a call from someone there who needed a notarization, a former Nazi concentration camp survivor named Mary.  Mary's husband called asking if I could notarize a claim form stating she was still alive so the German government could pay her for her former imprisonment.  As we waited for copies of the documents, Mary told me about how they killed her family and she was one of the few survivors from that time. She explained many people were fraudulently trying to trick Germany into believing they were concentration camp survivors so there was more red tape involved.   Mary just had open heart surgery and was also getting her knee replaced.

There's a lady who called me a while back to share her story on being ripped off by an attorney we had both used.  The lady verifies whenever we touch base occasionally that she was just thinking about me and visa verse with her popping into my mind prior to my hearing from her.  The strange thing is we've never even met, we spoke on the phone once is all.

I notice strange psychic stuff happening on the Alex Jones Radio Show too that I've listened to a lot over the past few years.  I had a few ideas for their program that eventually showed up in their videos and on their website.  A few days ago I thought of an idea for Alex Jones to do satire as if he was the New World Order and lo and behold he put up a satire video a few days later.  I've also gotten ideas for old songs I thought would be great for the program and later noted they were eventually played.  I just think it's a bit strange that Alex Jones plays California Dreamin and Billy Idols White Wedding.  Those are strange songs to play and the ones I thought about wanting to hear on his program.  Why California Dreamin you might wonder?  Because I came across that song for my former SongChannels web site a while back. I just like the song, that's all. I never expected the Alex Jones Show to play it.

So I'm wondering whenever I think about someone if they can sense I'm thinking about them on a subconscious level?  I'm sure other people have these same experiences, it's not all that unusual really. It's just the way we humans are wired.  I've been subjected to much mind control over the years so this could also be a sign of my mind freeing itself up a little.  I'm not really into psychics and that kind of stuff at all.