Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asshole Obama Kills Gadhafi's Son & Grandchildren For Humanitarian Purposes

Hows this for a humanitarian war?  I usually don't write much about politics on this blog since it's covered everywhere else, but I just had to post about what an asshole Obama is with the latest killings in his so called humanitarian war.  Talk about disgusting so many after his little comedy central performance last night, Obama's responsible for the murder of little children in attempting to take out Gadhafi.
"Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi survived a NATO air strike on a Tripoli house that killed his youngest son and three young grandchildren, a government spokesman said on Sunday." -
Sure, it's a tough world out there, but it's clear these people in our government are only making things worse, not better.  Libya's a sovereign country and its leader posed no threat to the United States.  We can't afford this war and there's no real justification for it other than an unlawful one in a secret agenda they planned for Libya's oil.

The Obama Asshole Song video applies here.

We've got an idiot in the White House, a criminal at large who needs to be prosecuted for war crimes along with his predecessors. Obama went into the Libyan war without Congressional approval in violation of the War Act of the U.S. Constitution while lying claiming it was for "humanitarian purposes."  They don't care if they kill tons of civilians to obtain their goal of killing off a dictator the U.S. once backed.

What the United States is essentially doing with the permission of the United Nations is killing off any leader who falls out of political favor with America's oil policies. 

As Obama was enjoying himself last night at the Correspondent's dinner, he managed to kill someone's grandchildren for humanitarian purposes.

Instead of referring to him as "President Obama" I'm now going to call him "Asshole Obama" that more appropriately fits his description. This man who views himself as above the law and as royalty is nothing but a piece of shit.  Obama can take all his pomp and circumstance and shove it up his ass!