Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cowardly Psycho D.C. Police Officers Attack Man In Wheelchair

This is an example of some real cowardly police officers in the nation's Capitol of Washington D.C. who lied about a homeless black man in a wheelchair that he allegedly assaulted them.  In the video, two Nazi police officers can be seen lifting a weak looking black man out of his chair in order to smash his face bloody to the ground.  As this video progresses you will find a distraught friend comes to question the officers after seeing his friend's face in a pool of blood. They arrested his friend too!
"They let him bleed for at least 5 minutes before putting something against his face to stop the bleeding. Then, one of the bystanders had to call an ambulance because they police didn’t do it. There were at least 50 or 60 people begging the cops to at least try to stop the bleeding. Outrageous…..” D.C. Police Abuse Homeless Man In Wheelchair - WorldHomelessActionMovement.com
States are making it a crime to video unlawful police activities. The person who shot this video should be praised by his local community as a hero.  Local communities should raise money to defend videographers from the system's claws in order to keep these beasts in check, otherwise they'll run rampant doing whatever they want.

Pathetic cowards with badges abuse their power attacking a poor weak black man in his wheelchair.

This is the work of crazy cowardly disgraceful police officers who wear badges and it's happening all over the country.  These officers are clearly looking for trouble, not to assist and protect as they so claim, acting in the capacity of wild animals.  It's real good advice never to call these miserable lying maggots of death and destruction unless one's required to do so by law.  Officers commonly want to screw people up and in most cases will even side with the criminal. These officers in the video are likely pumped up on hormones ready to prove to themselves what men they allegedly are.

Imagine the nerve one would have to have to lie over a weak man in a wheelchair assaulting you then tackling him face first to the ground requiring the strength of two men? Thanks to this video this poor man will likely be winning a hefty damages lawsuit the tax payers will pay due to the lunacy of some psycho bastard police officers in Washington D.C.

We should all thank God for this age of YouTube because police officers have used their badges to commit perjury for decades.  We should also thank our lucky stars cops across the nation are going to have their pensions stolen in the near future as this evil beast system begins to cannibalize itself.

Here are some comments from the video:
The problem is these cops think they're in the military and overseas, if you wanted to see action you shouldn't become a peace officer. Cops like this are just too pussy to go fight on a level playing field. Everyone of those citizens should be spitting and kicking those cops for what they did. Only when the people take the power back and put fear into the police force will we have freedom.

Thank you sir for posting this video. American has become a tyrannical police state similar to Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia since the false flag attack known as Sept 11th 2001. This latest crime committed by thugs in uniform (cops) is happening all over America & it's way past time for us the citizenry to wake up because American has been taken over by mafia style banks & their political puppets in government. These sadly is a small taste of the evil's to come.Courage & prayer

Wow, an old handicap man was too awesome for two able bodied cops to handle. What next night sticking babies? Damn disgusting!

Since the police aren't going anywhere anytime soon, here's some tips to keep the Gestapo from fucking you up (because that's basically what they are nowadays): have your license and insurance out when by the time they get to the car (because these bitches are skittish), don't reach for anything, don't speak to them, don't admit to anything, even speeding. If they ask you if you knew how fast you were going, say that you were going the speed limit, even if you weren't. Give them precise answers

Sick motherfuckers. Tiny dicked, low IQ'd pieces of fucking trash. There is NO justification for this, I DONT CARE ABOUT THE EXCUSES. May as well have been assaulting a child, or an elderly man. Oh wait, they do that too constantly. This shit isn't going to stand forever, and unless we stand up soon and demand the low IQ police force is reformed and reeducated on proper practices, it's just going to get worse and worse until they are kneecapping people like they were in the 1800's! PATHETIC

When you see this type of behavior by police officers, and how Metro tries to cover this stuff up by spinning it like the man in the wheelchair was so dangerous, it shows you how those lying officials at Metro have no dignity or sense of right and wrong. Those Officers should be sent to jail for assault. If a bus or train operator had done the same thing, they would be arrested by those same cops, with Metro officials condemning the operators. The rich hold up for the police Way to go Metro.

In summary, these are animals without a conscience, attacking anything that puts up any resistance.  Your pensions assholes!  They're coming after your pensions!