Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Trend: Broke U.S. College Grads Moving Back In With Parents

There's an alleged growing problem in America of college grads who can't find work yet have thousands of dollars in student loans.  In today's article on, some very intelligent and highly regarded honor students with degrees are being offered prestigious non-paying internships causing them to move back in with their parents.
"Cole Armstrong, 24, graduated with degrees in political science and economics from Swarthmore, going on to win a prestigious internship at the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. Just one hitch: It is part time and unpaid. So he moved home to live rent-free at his parents' in the Castro district."  Boomerangers come back to households in S.F. -
So many young people have been conned into believing getting a college degree will guarantee them a job.  In order to survive, these grads will be required to think on their feet into creating their own path in life, becoming inventive and flexible with the trends.  It seems articles such as the one on SFGate are actually limiting rather than expanding the unlimited potential these grads have for their futures.

Even The Onion picked up on the college grad living at home trend by exaggerating the problem as lazy young men wanting their mothers to take care of them.  The fact is, mothers are working as a team with their offspring all over the country to support their college grads and neither side deserves such a bad rap.

Today's college grads have the technology and social networking tools like few other generations to create new paths for themselves in life.  Mobility is becoming the wave of the future and the old office worker scenario is gradually transitioning out of that business model. These young adults have so many resources available to them that it seems unfair to limit them by claiming there are no jobs for them to obtain. Most everyone wants to help these young people succeed because they're America's future. 

In having initially followed the old world paradigm of going to college and getting a job long-term, many of these young people will have to deal with feelings of hopelessness and depression.  It often takes many life experiences and time for many college grads to finally realize their predicament is an opportunity to break free of a stale old system of politically corrupt hierarchies and slavery in America.  These grads have an opportunity to be the true revolutionaries of our time changing everything from our political system to breaking through mind control programming used to imprison previous generations.

Alex Jones, a film maker and radio show host at is a good example of paving one's own way during hard times.  Mike the Health Ranger at and Luke Rudkowski of are other good examples of those who paved their own path outside the parameters of a mind control system. These men were true to themselves and beliefs, refusing to cower to a corrupt and often criminal authority.

20/20's program about college degree rip-offs alerted students to not paying too high a cost for a college education.  

In certain respects it's a good thing these college grads can move in with their parents to give them time to figure out a direction for themselves.  It's those students who don't have strong family support people should be worrying about who often fall pray to poor judgment and bad decisions from undue stress of always being in survival mode.  I was one of those young people in a bad economy back in the 1980's so I know what it feels like to stumble early in adult life.