Monday, May 2, 2011

Mentally Challenged Deputies Raid Circuit Court Judge's Home At Gunpoint

This is a story of bumbling idiot bullies with badges many innocent Americans encounter and suffer over each day.  These men need others to be guilty to keep their jobs so they're out raising a lot of hell with reckless activities. This time these depraved pathetic excuses for men chose the wrong house to raid where a circuit court judge was having her Easter Sunday dinner.

Nikeya Curry thought a nearby house was being burglarized so she called 911 summoning the deputies of Broward County.  When they arrived, the deputies discovered they were given a wrong address but decided to hang out in the neighborhood anyway.  Curry had already forewarned neighbors such as Carmita Scarlett who responded by lowering the shade and closing the kitchen window while turning on floodlights to help officers in their search. Consequently, such activity only made the deputies more suspicious to focus on Scarlett's house where a family Easter Sunday dinner was taking place with Circuit Court Judge Ilona Holmes.
"On Thursday, days after the event, Holmes sister, Carmita Scarlett said, “It felt like it was the wild, wild west. It was just so unreal.’’  One moment she and her husband and sister were finishing off an Easter dinner of ham and trimmings, and the next minute, she said, they were shaking in their shoes." Here Comes the Judge, Packin' a Pistol - Miami
Anyone with common sense wouldn't proceed to stalk a neighborhood like a predator without a correct address. Regardless, the deputies were so pumped up to raid a house they decided to jump on anything that moved. 
After seeing a man in the kitchen through a window, they knocked on a side door, with guns drawn. They said they announced themselves and asked the occupants to come to the door. When the family did not respond immediately, the deputies ordered everyone out of the house with their hands up, the report said. Here Comes the Judge, Packin' a Pistol - Miami
What followed was a confrontation the deputies believed would be their moment of glory, the climax of their domination and control over anyone who fell under their suspicion.
Everyone walked out, with Holmes saying, “I’m Judge Holmes! I’m Judge Holmes!’’ she announced. “I’m armed, I’m armed!’’  Following deputies’ orders, Holmes gently put her gun down. She and other family members were ordered to the ground. That, they would not do, according to the police report. “There was no way I was going to sit on the ground,’’ Holmes declared, saying she had a bad back. “You’d have to shoot me to get me to sit on the ground tonight,’’ the report said. Here Comes the Judge, Packin' a Pistol - Miami
These mentally challenged men slither round in the darkness like reptiles looking for victims, any victims they can bring physical and psychological harm to.  That night the psychos chose the wrong house, that of an armed Circuit Court Judge to inflict suffering upon.  
Now the judge knows from experience what common people experience every day in America under the masquerade scam of protecting them.