Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mobile Notary Twilight Zone Experiences Are Accelerating

When you become mobile as I have in business, it's an unusual lifestyle. I've worked in closed office environments for over 30 years so being mobile is a breath of fresh air.  I've since upgraded my cell to an iPhone with a headset so I can answer my phone in transit on my eBike.  In other words, I'm extremely mobile then ever before being equipped with an iPhone GPS map app and a 20 mile eBike range.

For the most part, I never know who I'm going to meet or receive a phone call from but occasionally that's not entirely true.  As I posted earlier in Psychic Stuff Happening, I've been experiencing certain phenomena thinking of someone prior to their calling me shortly thereafter.  I've found that this phenomena just keeps affirming itself.  For instance, after my last post I was thinking about a golf gaming company that hadn't used my services for a while and lo and behold they called within two days.  Yesterday's experiences topped the cake however.

Here's my latest jaw dropping mobile twilight zone experience:
"I was at the bank in the morning to make a deposit. I was at the center hub filling out a deposit slip. My phone rang and I answered by tapping on my headset saying "Nob Hill Notary Services, this is Cheryl speaking."  A guy who was standing next to me suddenly lurched back from the hub with his jaw dropped. He was calling for notary services!  He had used my services months before at the bank but didn't see me standing there.  At first I doubted the authenticity of the event, but just couldn't imagine how he had pulled such a gag, the timing was too succinct to have been planned.  He had his time share document all ready for me to notarize, it's not like he was calling for an appointment."
Something similar had happened like this before, but not so in my face.  Last year another customer was just coming out of the elevator in my building calling as I approached.  We were within 25 feet of one another when I picked up the call.

The day continued with unusual phenomena:

I went to my Regus virtual office shortly after the bank incident.  I told the receptionist of my strange experience of a customer calling who was standing next to me and then went to the lunch room for a cup of coffee and to work on a few things.   Here's what followed:
A man who worked at the Regus offices expressed shock that I was there in the office at the exact time he went looking for a notary.  He said he was hoping to find one in the Regus offices and the receptionist told him I was in the lunch room.  I'm not in the office much since I'm mobile.  I told him about the bank encounter I just had so he was pretty blown away.
You might imagine how happy it makes people to have a notary appear instantly upon request since it's fairly difficult to find one.  The number of notaries have gone down significantly in California.  I use a back-up notary when I can't make an appointment request and she's told me she couldn't even find a notary when she needed one a while back.

I guess what this all means is for my services to improve I'll need to instantaneously appear whenever a customer thinks about using my services.  The customer won't need to call, but just think "universe, summon Nob Hill Notary for me please" and I'll manage to somehow just be there.