Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Police Snap! Tourists Brutalized For Dancing At Jefferson Memorial in D.C.

I'm posting an outrageous video of police brutality that occurred recently at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C..  The video's had 660,000 views the past two days that many people's blood is boiling over.

These were just tourists visiting a historic landmark having a good time. What do they think of America now I wonder? What a great country that brutalizes people over slow dancing at the feet of Thomas Jefferson?  What monsters!

The video starts out with a cop attempting to appear calm and reasonable trying to disguise how upset he is people have the audacity to dance around the memorial.  After threatening to arrest people, the officer then gives orders to arrest a couple for slow dancing at the feet of Thomas Jefferson.  The couple doesn't appear to have even been given any warning.

The video demonstrates how the U.S. government's been taken over by criminals and thugs who give orders for this kind of unlawful harassment of tourists at the monument.  These are tourists celebrating doing nothing illegal well within the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution of free expression. The officers threaten to arrest rather than simply escorting tourists off the property.  When asked, the cops also fail to state any law granting them such authority to arrest as a means to upset and provocateur the young men.

Clearly these rude abusive cops think they can get away with this kind of nonsense because the higher ups have granted them the authority to ignore the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment clause.  Color of law and whims of knucklehead Nazi cops don't justify such arrogant demands.

It doesn't matter if an appeals court granted this kind of authority to the cops because it violates the U.S. Constitution.  There are plenty of Nazi arrogant rogue judges in the U.S. who are disregarding the law of the land who need not be obeyed. 

In summary these bastard cops think they're God and ever so powerful that everyone must obey they're every unlawful whim.  There's a certain element of folks who think authority reigns that we all must obey whatever is asked of us regardless there is no law to justify such demands.  They enjoy seeing people put in their place and under control no matter what they're doing.  All people need to know is their Constitutional rights to justify standing up to such misguided brutal authority.

If these cops can't handle a small number of tourists enjoying themselves at the Jefferson Memorial, they need to be fired and removed from public service along with the criminals at the top who enabled them.