Friday, May 20, 2011

Toy Poodle 'Miracle May' Hitches Ride With Bird of Prey to Safety

I couldn't resist this story about a cute toy poodle who hitched a ride with a bird of prey to a local nursing home in British Columbia where she was dropped to safety.  What happened sounds like a script from a Disney movie.  Video Link

According to the Sunshine Coast SPCA, the dog, later nicknamed 'Miracle May', had been neglected for quite some time in desperate straights with decayed teeth and long paw nails that needed clipping.
 "The 'little dog with a big heart,' as she's become known, was found to have badly decayed teeth and overgrown nails. Vets believe she had wandered around without care for some time before being snatched by the bird." Miracle May Prepares for First Surgery - CTV
According to the locals, birds of prey have been observed with rabbits and other small mammals so it's not surprising the doggie was snatched up.  In this case, the bird actually saved the dog's life.
"The six-year-old pooch was discovered by nurses after she fell from the sky and landed in Sechelt on May 2. The canine suffered several gouges to her neck, claw marks to her back and multiple broken ribs from the harrowing ordeal." Miracle May Prepares for First Surgery - CTV
The surgeries to heal May's injuries and neglected health cost thousands of dollars that are being paid by donors from around the world according to the SPCA.  "It's truly amazing" one of the staffers commented over how many people offered donations after hearing about May's plight, or "flight" so to speak.

Link to video at CTV News.