Friday, June 10, 2011

Clear Evidence Laws of Karma Are For Real

Yesterday I witnessed another micro example of the laws of karma at work.  The past few weeks I've been giving small donations that are much needed to people in need of funds.  Though the amounts I give are just $10, if many people donate to one person it all ads up to large amounts of money they desperately need.  Whenever I donate as such I always witness good karma boomerang back in some way either with increased business or in some other unworldly manner. 

First, let me begin by saying this week has been unusually slow for my business.  This vacuum of little call activity followed several of my busiest weeks ever.  There seems to be no logic behind the ebb and flow of customer calls I receive that sometimes drops off so dramatically I have to call AT&T to ask if there's something wrong with their cell phone tower.  Regardless of the slowing in the second week of June, yesterday was quite interesting to say the least.  It wasn't a big cash day, it was a big karma day instead which was just fine with me.  Here's my testimony for the day:

"The one call I got Thursday was a return customer a few miles away who needed one notarization, a doctor of a non-profit life expectancy medical research business.  After I performed the notarization for the doctor, he surprised me with a vintage 1998 bottle of wine from the Dry Creek Vineyard. Aside from the fact that doesn't happen very often that customers just start offering me free stuff out of the blue, on the way home on my e-Bike I came upon another surprise.

I was at an intersection waiting for the light to change.  Suddenly there was crisp cash flying around on the ground in the middle of the road just a few feet away. The cash had apparently come from a vehicle's window that was long gone.  As I watched the cash begin to fly away, I thought for certain others would run out to grab it but no one apparently had seen it.  The light finally changed enabling me to ride past to see how much money was there.  At first I saw a few dollar bills and then came upon a $10 bill.  I stopped in the middle of the road since no cars were behind me, and picked up the $10.  One of my donations came right back to me within a few days! - C.M.

In one day I essentially got a free bottle of vintage wine from 1998 and a crisp $10.  This is just one micro example of how the laws of karma can operate.  When you give to others in need it comes back to you sometimes ten fold manifested from the spiritual dimension.  This doesn't mean I'll ever be a sucker though, I carefully screen who I give to to make sure they're not parasitic money junkie con beggars.