Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Fathers Are A Lot Like the Easter Bunny

Today is Father's Day and all I can say to my former so called father is "you sucked!"  The freak was really just a little stunted boy who never became a man having remained on the side of darkness all of his life.

I'll never forget when I was a little girl and my father once brought home monster playing cards as a gift. They were the monsters from the 1960's classic horror movies that scared the hell out of me giving me nightmares.  Today I realize my father was part of the Illuminati family of satanism as a dark evil person who had an equally hideous wife as part of a television music family.

Having viewed themselves as similar to Ricki and Lucy Ricardo in the 1950's, they were cold abusive people who scared me as a little girl to no end that I'd pack up my barbie doll suitcase and take off to a neighbor's house to escape them.  I was their household slave who they cared nothing about, since my whole purpose was to serve them and be their public relations prop.  Their activities and abuse impeded my learning abilities early in life. 

I got a huge bum deal with my parents, they were truly horrendous people beyond description and the worst nightmare anyone could ever have.  My mother once nearly shot me as a child while she was pregnant, having seen my shadow in the hall.  She also threatened to shoot my father once during a fight.  Dumb as can be, stupidity played into why my parents were both so evil in nature.  I was always embarrassed to have friends over because my mother would always do something crazy like have a "rub ashes onto your face" game to humiliate them.

The last few times I visited my mother after her divorce she was doing crazy things when such as playing her satanic numerology card game all by herself.  She also shared a family book about some spirit translation spoken through someone similar to the book Seth Speaks. She was 100% delusional about her status in society being just a dumb housewife with no life.

When I read stories about similar type of parents I'm not surprised.  Like the French aristocrat Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes who had a mistress he owed thousands of dollars to that he lost it and shot his entire family taking off having yet to be found.  People can no longer assume being a father automatically makes one a good person.

My parents threatened to kill me and my sister on numerous occasions that we'd have to lock ourselves in the bathroom terrified for our lives.  It wasn't even clear to us what we had done wrong to deserve such threats. My sister died in 2002 at the age of 34 in real bad condition having been born to a couple of rotten stupid satanists.  They were a couple of rodents who had everything handed to them by a tv celebrity, an easy life with a convertible T-bird in 1955 most guys would die for, nice homes in the suburbs, fame, etc.

What was dumb ass's favorite and only meal he ever prepared for our family in return for all the chores I did for the asshole?  Top Ramen soup from the package!  You get two cups of water, boil, throw in the noodles, and make it "gourmet" with scrambled eggs. Wow! 

I've ignored every single father's and mother's day since I left home 35 years ago in 1978 so I thought I'd set the record straight as to why.  I remember the time I was forced to sit down and write "honor thy father and mother" hundreds of times for something I had done, not worshiping them appropriately.  The brainwashing method obviously didn't work.