Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Discovery On Mars Claim By Armchair Astronomer

I've been listening to many new radio talk shows lately thanks to my iPhone.  Last night I used the Shoutcast App to listen to Jeff Rense's radio program where I heard how an amateur astronomer recently claimed to have discovered a new structure on Mars. On May 28, 2011, David Martines used Google Mars, a program that creates a map of the planet's surface using satellite images.  Finding something in that map program is like finding a needle in a haystack so it's quite an accomplishment to come up with anything whatsoever.

There's a growing number of people scouring satellite images for anomalies so we'll likely be seeing more of these kind of discovery claims regardless if they're valid or not.  I have no idea if the video below provides evidence of a structure on mars. All I know is when I was in third grade I brought in a large rock to the teacher I found from an old flood zone I believed was an ancient whale bone.  They went so far as having the thing tested at USC where the teacher's husband worked.  Of course, it was just a rock. I had dreams, big dreams of being famous for my discovery so one can imagine how shattered I was over the news.

Mr Martines is convinced this object is a genuine structure on Mars.  Maybe he should add one "a" and remove the "e" in his name to make it "Martians"?

I've always wondered about all those NASA smudged images that obviously appear to be covering up what the artifacts or structures are.  Below is a NASA image they didn't bother to smudge for whatever reason.  

The photo was included in an article NASA Finds Doorway Structure on Mars - 

Meanwhile, the sun's been acting up again releasing a massive solar flare on June 5, 2011. Prior to the flare's eruption, (video below) a YouTuber noted an anomaly appeared (second video):

Video showing massive sun flare activity on June 5, 2011.  Thankfully it wasn't aimed toward Earth.

Second video shows an anomaly of a UFO near the sun prior to the flare up. 

I personally find the sun activity more interesting since it's real and so unpredictable.  Most planets are basically dead shells of some sort while the sun is a living intelligent life form of some capacity.

Please excuse me for now as I return to my talk radio programs. 

Armchair Astronomer Discovers Structure on Mars -