Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nosy Harassing Neighbor Apparently A Scientologist

The neighbor I wrote about and shot videos regarding a few weeks ago has resorted to new forms of non-recordable harassment activity of slamming her front door when she comes home at night to avoid video detection.  See My Spooky Poltergiest Neighbor.  

I wouldn't be surprised based on her degree of monitoring for common noises in my flat that this neighbor has been reading this blog.  It's clear to me the nosy one is looking for any excuse to complain because she's a lonely control freak. Yesterday I observed a package waiting for her at the mail box from the Church of Scientology that says it all.  Lonely people are always vulnerable to falling into the jaws of some crazy cult if not the government.

If she indeed visits this blog, this lady must now realize I'm videotaping her harassment activity for doing my laundry on a Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. and/or cleaning my bathroom.  Imagine the audacity one would have to have to confront a neighbor for doing a few loads of wash within building time rules?  It's not like I was doing my wash after hours.  At first I thought it was just the noise of the door so I began being very careful to close it like a mouse. Then I learned it wasn't that at all, it was her apparently wanting to prevent me from leaving my flat at night since she was still complaining.

I've also duly noted this lady's appearance in front of where I did a loan signing at a coffee shop on the other side of town.  I first saw her walking in the area as I rode my eBike to the destination and then parked my bike at the coffee place to meet with a customer.  About 30 minutes later I came out to find this neighbor walking past me and where my bike was parked. My bike has my business signage all over it so it's easily recognizable.  Her appearance was spooky as she had holes in her pants and seemed frail from her walking journey. Her hair was a mess and she had a water bottle with her.

I've been told by someone aware of her that this lady walks all over the city as a means to occupy her time otherwise being holed up in her place without any visitors.  I've never observed this lady having one friendly visitation the past eight years I've lived here.  It's not that I was that aware of these details until this lady began complaining and harassing me that I had to take note.

I was nice enough towards this nosy neighbor when she knocked on my door in 2008 about my singing after having left a long winded note on my door. I later learned you give these kind of lonely people an inch and they'll take a mile.  They get their way the first time and they will take it to the next level. Okay, so I stopped singing and playing music at night, so now in 2011 it's the bathroom cleaning noise and doing my wash? Who does she think she is, my former privileged crazy  roommate from 1999?  This building I call home is not a prison, camp, hospital or senior home facility!

I'm not saying I'm an ideal neighbor to have, but I've greatly improved since the years of singing in my home recording studio and working on sound mixes with loud speakers.  Comparatively to then, I'm as quiet as a mouse except when it's that time of month and I have a bad case of acute PMS that I have a need to vent occasionally with a few "God damn it!" and  "Mother fucker!" kind of language, that only lasts a few minutes.  Occasionally I become frustrated with my computer and browser glitches and pound my desk in frustration.  I do play talk radio programs during the day at times but can't imagine that being a problem to anyone.

I've got my handy iPhone now and will use it to record pounding on my wall and any further confrontations.  I wish they had iPhones back in the days of the crazy control freak roommates I've had over the years.  Now when I have my own place, they still find ways of attempting to control how I live.