Monday, June 13, 2011

Predatory Student Loan Vultures Help Universities Profit At Taxpayers Expense

Twelve years ago I was trying to alert the legal establishment I worked for to the fact that bankrupt people of late age were being handed enormous student loans who had no intention of paying them back.  I knew back then that universities were scamming people late in life to get a PhD after their name for $90,000 who couldn't even get a job at MacDonalds if they tried.  See In an Economy Where Everyone is Overqualified, an Advanced Degree is Virtually Worthless -

The reason I was concerned over this matter is I knew that younger taxpayers such as myself would later foot the bill and that I was already experiencing class oppression from the infusion of large amounts of free cash as such that placed me at a great disadvantage. (Please note I've also uploaded a more detailed oriented audio blog file of my testimony related to this story here.)

My Story of Class Oppression From A Corrupt System

Back in 1996-1999 I was a native Californian in my 30's being harassed and oppressed by a well documented mental patient grant writer roommate.  The lady repeatedly referred to herself as being considered a genius by her peers.  Public records show the lady, 55, came from another state who had floundered with five court evictions in five years in San Francisco prior to obtaining a $90,000 student loan in conjunction with a PhD program at the California Institute for Integral Studies.  (See Open Letter to CIIS -  There was also a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed in 1995 and highly revealing legal documents filed over a government subsidized mental health related housing project known as the Progress Foundation.  A very trusting leaseholder, the late Betty Fairchild, a famous author in her late 70's, let the lady move in without reference checks believing she'd be a nice college teacher type.

Like something out of a well known horror movie (see, Pacific Heights film), after Ms. Fairchild moved, the five time court evicted lady would call the police as a means of intimidation and harassment to force me to move so she could obtain the entire lease to herself of a tremendous deal.  In her ultimate plan, the lady would speak of me as if I was an adolescent  living off of her while showing the cops her teaching badge from the university program.  The police were called several times as follows:
  • When the carpet was replaced in the kitchen at my expense due to water damage, her kitchen table had to be moved to the porch area. She called the police when the carpenters were working and I wasn't there to defend myself.
  • When she staged messes when I wasn't on the property so I couldn't defend myself to police.  I was later accused in court documents of smearing shoe polish in the bathtub and bringing "tons of dirt" onto the property as well as not flushing the toilet.
  • When I moved in a brand new fish aquarium for my peace of mind she had initially attempted to prevent  from being moved in by telling the mover I wasn't home.  She then called a police officer who rushed over to tell me "who do you think you are?" over her petty ridiculous complaints I had moved over her large exercise equipment in the hallway.
  • When she put up nasty sign in the common areas while removing my property from shelves declaring she paid 75% of the rent and therefore I was only entitled to 25% of the common areas.  I was later placed under citizens arrest for raising my voice over the harassment activities. The officer took the the lady back in secret to concoct a story to justify placing me under citizen's arrest and he wrote up a false police report he saw a "welt" on her face.  There were no medical reports to back up such a claim whatsoever.
  • Over missing rags and light bulbs a local neighborhood foot officer stopped by for. I had a witness for this one, someone I was helping in his college research by using my computer that day.  He saw the whole thing unfold he couldn't believe.
I never called the police though I could have many times, especially when the former elderly lease holder in her late 70's was living there who was feeling great stress while suffering falls on the property.  One would have thought police would have nothing to do with the pettiness of these civil matters, but it turns out one officer in particular was encouraging the complaints while giving the lady advice on how to get me off the property by hiring a lawyer she couldn't afford, etc.  The officer later had conversations with the lawyer and even other tenants on the premises, that's how involved he was in petty roommate disputes and false accusations to drive me off my property.  It was overheard that the officer was described by the lady's attorney as being "very upset" over the entire matter.

The latest  report on the university college loan scam from  I saw this all coming a long time ago back in 1999.

Essentially, the police were involved in unlawful harassment of me through a mental patient evicted by two government subsidized housing programs, The Mary Elizabeth Inn and the Progress Foundation as well as three other private property owners in five years.  The lady was empowered because she obtained a $90,000 + interest through three predatory lending institutions that she had no intention ever paying back.  Public records show a second bankruptcy was filed in 2005 when new creditors came knocking on her door for thousands of dollars in unpaid credit cards. 

One might imagine the legal fees and humiliation the paranoid schizophrenic roommate in denial put me through.  I was completely innocent of the paranoid's twisted versions of reality to suit her inflated ego and scheme.  I worked very hard with long hours at law firms to eventually recover from these burdensome activities.  The lady was able to pull it all off thanks to a corrupt  system that enabled her to obtain $90,000 of free money to then file false police reports to obtain one of the best lease deals in San Francisco all to herself. The flat had 3.5 bedrooms, a two car garage and a backyard garden patio for $1,250 in a nice area across from Golden Gate Park and museums during a housing crisis.

To summarize, these are simply parasites feeding off their host middle class taxpayers who use criminal methods of non-detection in gaming the system.  I'm a native Californian whose lived in this state 50 years who has never received any government subsidized services.  To me these assholes are nothing but worthless blood sucking parasites supporting their matrix of failure.
Police Officer Ronald Gerke
Police Officer Ron Gerke