Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smart People Don't Ignore Symptoms of a Parasitic Government

The amazing thing about the human immune system is when it begins breaking down, we often note the symptoms giving full warning of approaching illness.  Smart people use their symptoms positively to defeat the problem while others often ignore them until it's too late.  We call those who ignore symptoms as being people in denial.  We all know what happens to people who ignore their symptoms in spite of the fact their bodies urgently try to forewarn them.  These people often end up dying of diseases that could have easily been prevented with a little knowledge and proper intervention.

What our society currently has are symptoms of a sick government and its so called legal system.  Right now, courts all over the country are complaining to the public by issuing press releases.  For instance, the San Francisco Superior Court has been fear mongering over budget cutbacks requiring staff layoffs they say will greatly hinder justice.
"Justice as we know it today in San Francisco will be dismantled," Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein said. I can't emphasize enough just how devastating this would be for our Court and for all people who depend on us. In short, justice will be on hiatus." SF Superior Court Preparing for Unprecedented Layoffs - SF Examiner.com
Why can some states not afford fully staffed court services?  What is this symptom that tax payers can't afford their own legal system any longer? My guess is the "host", otherwise known as the tax payer and public at large, is dying from a huge parasite sucking the life out of it, otherwise known as the government.  In responding to an article about alleged forthcoming layoffs of San Francisco Superior Court, one commenter posts:
"The real cash cow of the San Francisco Superior Court is the Probate Division. Corrupt fiduciaries, conservators, attorneys, commissioners and judges have perfected the white collar crime of the century. Together they steal our loved one's (grandparents, parents, etc.) life savings. They prey on the elderly and the disabled and call it a conservatorship. These monsters are court appointed by judges and/or commissioners who instead of protecting our constitutional rights and upholding the law have chosen to line their own pockets with the hard earned money of our elderly and disabled population. The probate system in San Francisco generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year for themselves instead of the intended heirs. Can you say class action?"
When the court system uses justice as a marketing ploy to the public, let's examine what kind of justice it really provides to warrant such a huge expense to its citizens. Though we occasionally hear about police officers and judges being convicted for crimes, there are many cases where serious offenses are given a slap on the wrist proving alleged justice is nothing more than a selective highly controlled rigged game.  Take the veteran Chicago police officer who swindled an elderly man with Alzheimer's out of his $1 million estate.

In sentencing former police officer Donald Owsley, 63, for financial exploitation of the elderly and forgery, a judge cited a number of letters sent to him from Owsley's former colleagues as well as his history as a police officer.  The judge's citing these factors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one can commit a serious crime and get away with it as long as they are a police officer.  Owsley faced a possible 15 year prison sentence. In the name of "justice" of and for itself, the system gave Officer Owsley a slap on the wrist of a mere 3 years probation for his offense.  Additionally, the former officer made a killing profiting from his crime when he was only fined $36K for a $1 million scheme:
"Authorities alleged that in 1999 Owsley met Theodore Hoellen, then in his 80s, after a neighbor contacted police with concerns about Hoellen's mental state. Hoellen is now deceased.  Authorities contended that over time Owsley persuaded Hoellen to sign over his Northwest Side residence as well as investment accounts worth a combined $1 million.

Owsley was charged criminally in late 2004 hours after a Cook County judge, ruling in a civil lawsuit filed by the Cook County public guardian's office, found that the officer had swindled Hoellen out of his estate.  The public guardian alleged at the time that Owsley attempted the same scheme on three other elderly victims, but he was charged criminally in only the Hoellen case." - Probation For Cop who Cheated Man Out of $1M - Chicago Tribune
In my opinion, when a police officer violates the public trust and law, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law not given any special privileges.  The reason for not giving leniency to a police officer would be to discourage others from using their positions to commit crimes as such.   If an officer believes he can use his friends to send letters to the judge where he receives ego praise and support that a judge such acknowledges, it is clear the government no longer serves the people or Constitution.  This case proves my theory that police officers are above the law on a wide scale, free to commit perjury to victimize innocent people while being granted special powers and authority over them.  It's a dangerous precedent the courts set covering up for serious criminal offenses as such.

In another sign of government approved corruption,  in its article Cheats On The Beat, The Sun reported that police officers in the U.K. convicted of criminal offenses while on the job are allowed to remain on the force.   The officer's crimes, including DUI's, assault, Class A drug possession, were revealed under a Freedom of Information Act request.

"COPS convicted of serious offences are being allowed to remain on the beat, police bosses have been forced to reveal.

Thirteen criminal officers have kept their jobs in London's Met - Britain's biggest police force - since 2008. And dozens more in Britain's other 42 constabularies are believed to have been allowed to stay too." Cheats On The Beat - The Sun
What these kind of facts all point to is government being above the law.  There's one set of laws for you and another set of laws for police officers and judges.  To learn more of how a corrupt government operates, all one has to do is research parasites.  Parasites are the best metaphor to use in describing how governments grow in abnormal fashions to oppress citizens.