Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spinning Inventions Into Gold Possible With Infomercial King A.J. Khubani

In these dire times, Americans should perhaps begin jumping on the bandwagon of becoming inventors since all it takes is one good idea to subsidize one's entire future.  I've had several ideas for products over the years but, like many other people, such could never possibly have been implemented under my circumstances.  After all, it's one thing to have a good idea, but quite another to successfully implement one.

Some of my ideas over the years have included getting rid of bulky umbrellas that are often lost and destroyed by replacing them with more effective materials and technology, anti-gravity hover shoes to relieve foot problems for those who walk long distances, mechanized carts to transport one's bulky shopping items and pet finding devices using satellite technology.

I think society would benefit greatly from those who could teach the various stages of infusing one's idea into the process of invention and execution stages.  For now, informercial king A.J. Khubani is helping average Americans present their prototype ideas to him for possible distribution.  A.J. offers people an opportunity to present their inventions to him in an American Idol audition setting for consideration of his worldwide distribution.  To me, this is far more exciting then American Idol.  The possibilities are endless since the simplest devices such as foot callous strippers sell in the millions when successfully launched.

People are excited over the possibility their inventions could reach a worldwide market thanks to A.J. Khubani, the informercial king.

There's something about the dream of becoming successful through an invention that fuels great momentum, growth and excitement in culture that we're sorely lacking today.  This, in spite of the fact inventions are easier to implement then ever thanks to new technologies and companies across the globe that will assist in providing a prototype of your idea. (See www.Edisonnation.com)  Several 3D programs also aide in the early development of inventions prior to the prototype stage. (See 3-Dimensional Services Group)  I'm sure many would agree that hours in front of the tube among other things have distracted them too long from their dreams they gave up long ago. 

One issue that may impede inventors is the legal side of patent law that's a long arduous expensive process.  Without a patent, one has no protection from corporations milking their idea on the market. Therefore it's of the utmost importance to have a good patent lawyer help with the process of presenting one's idea to the U.S. Patent Office.  The inventor can then place "patent pending" on their product as a means of protection.

By far the all-in-one company that has clearly established itself as a leader for the invention to market process I highly recommend is www.InventionHome.com. This well established company provides a comprehensive means of getting your invention to market fast while educating along the way.  Remember that one doesn't necessarily have to manufacture or even distribute their invention but can have it licensed through a company that will pay a royalty for any sales of the product.

The spirit of invention fueled America through individuals, not corporations much of the time in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Let's see if we can get back on track and start creating things again rather than focusing on the U.S. dollar as America's only product.