Monday, June 27, 2011

U.K. Cops Break Into Homes To Teach About Burglary

The reason I'm posting this bizarre story from the U.K. is that often times things take root in that country prior to being implemented in the U.S.  With the recent abandonment of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in a ruling by the Supreme Court and precedent rulings claiming one cannot defend themselves when police enter their property unlawfully without a warrant, this story is of particular concern.  (See my post U.S. Supreme Court Declares America An Anarchy Trashing Fourth Amendment)

This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've heard in my life, cops with nothing better to do breaking and entering onto people's properties to allegedly raise awareness about burglary.  This is another one of those trojan horse schemes big brother thought up to violate people's privacy in order to acclimate them to accept police intimidation as a necessary evil. 

"COPS are breaking into homes in a dramatic bid to highlight the risk of being a victim of burglars.

Police from Fortune Greens Safer Neighbourhood Team in West Hampstead, north London, are climbing through windows left open to alert residents to the sinister threat. Officers are carrying out the mock raids in a high-profile initiative to slash the number of burglaries.
They are committing break-ins across their patch, locking up the property and leaving a calling card to notify the stunned owner that they were there.  A young woman on her own was startled when a uniformed cop strolled into her living room after clambering in through an open bedroom window." - Burglar Cops Break Into Homes - The Sun
Applying logic, if burglary was really that out of control why wouldn't the cops be out tracking down the burglars?  Do you think these cops ever thought of the possibility of impersonators using their trojan horse, dressing up in police uniforms to make the victims feel less fearful?  Of course not, because the police have hidden intent in their operation, to make people feel more acclimated to having their privacy violated while allowing strangers to trespass on their property.  It's a form of brainwashing really. First they set out to traumatize a victim by violating them in some way, then they fortify their presence making them feel "safe" in some way. It's nothing but a big brother brainwashing operation. 
Daniel Hamilton, of the Big Brother Watch campaign group, said: “This case is symptomatic of the rapid growth of the nanny state. For police officers to be entering people’s homes without invitation is at best hugely ­invasive and, at worse, legally dubious. Trespassing on private property, regardless of any good intention you may have, is a crime.  Home owners should be responsible for ensuring the security of their property, not busy-body police officers.” - Help! The Police Have Broken In! -
This police lunacy reminds me of a story in the Daily Breeze newspaper from 1992 back when a police officer from the Palos Verdes Police Department (Palos Verdes Estates, CA)  entered the property of the late Rams coach George Allen, claiming they thought a burglar had entered late one night.  It turned out the "burglar" was a welcomed guest.  Shortly thereafter the police captain was  mysteriously awarded Ms. Allen's room full of gym equipment as a thank you for their police services monitoring her widow home. The power drunk police then moved the equipment they obtained through intimidation and unlawful entry to a nearby closed junior high school they turned into their gym.

If there's a window open the police notice, a knock on the door would seem much more logical then allowing a police officer to climb through the window violating the law.  These are some real sociopaths who think they're above the law, that simply because they wear a uniform they can do as they so please.  Any person who would approve of this police behavior would have to have extremely low self esteem and/or be highly prone to brainwashing.