Tuesday, October 11, 2011

White House Admits Secret Kill List of U.S. Citizens (Pioneered Since JFK, RFK, MLK?)

I've had a theory as to why U.S. politicians have sold out America to foreign interests. One just can't help but wonder why hundreds of men and women in the U.S. Congress, Senate and even in the U.S. Supreme Court have clearly decided to jump ship betraying the American people as full fledged traitors in favor of a world government. I think I may have found at least one reason for the betrayal besides the fact many politicians see the writing on the wall.

Imagine if you're an American politician trying to do your best to represent the interests of the American people.  You work hard fighting for justice and all the idealistic things the political system is supposed to stand for under the U.S. Constitution. You note there are a couple icons who stand out in recent history as having really stood up for the best interests of the American people in setting an example for other politicians to follow.  Who are these leaders?  The leaders names are respectively, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.  Needless to say, these leaders were all slain, not by lone nuts, but by elements within the U.S. government that utilized well perfected psy-op techniques to set-up patsies. The U.S. has never been the same since.

That there's a very powerful dark force within the United States government to assassinate Americans deemed as enemies was recently confirmed by the White House admitting to the existence of a kill list.
"The existence of this secret 'kill list' means the U.S. government can now decide, completely outside of law, to brazenly murder any person it wishes. And this is all apparently A-OK with President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner!" See The Murder of Americans: Existence of Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted by Lawless White House - Natural News
This kill list was likely pioneered during the days of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, the military complex and CIA in a coup to prevent John F. Kennedy's plans to put an end to the Viet Nam war and Federal Reserve.  Clearly, this admitted assassination list is nothing new. There's no trial, no jury, just authorized murder on behalf of those who see themselves as being above the law with dictatorial powers.

Here's where my theory begins, that time when the American people failed to bring proper intervention to those who covered-up JFK's murder that was a coup d'etat.  The American people had to do something more than accept the official government story otherwise the criminals would remain in power working on behalf of those shadow people behind the bloody curtain.

To put it simply, ever since the 1960's period politicians have a keen sense that if they don't work for the underlying dark side of government or pay lip service lying to get into office, they'd be duly assassinated. The late former congressman Sonny Bono's death is just another example. (See The Cover-up of Sonny Bono's Murder)  I believe had the American people been able to bring justice to the murder of JFK and sent the criminals to prison, the majority of politicians would have continued to work on the American people's behalf.  Sadly, after the 1960's, U.S. politicians saw their lives were on the line that representing the American people was going to be a martyr's game.  Survival is human nature and most politicians clearly went with a survival strategy.

I believe the reason President Obama so brazenly lies to the American people is because if he ever were to try implementing what he promised in his campaigns, the shadow people would assassinate him. Ron Paul's a clear exception but poses no real threat since the powers at be would never allow him to become President.  I propose Ron Paul's risking very little to run for President seeing how he's in his late years.  Unfortunately, it should be clear to anyone that Ron Paul will not  be allowed to become President of the United States, a country that may even collapse prior to the 2012 election.  (See  The Coming Economic Hell for American Families - The Economic Collapse Blog)  At this point in history, one man's leadership can't save the United States of America, those days are long over.

First and foremost, Americans have lost worldly clout since their currency is being downgraded and gradually removed as the world's monetary standard.  Sadly, U.S. politicians sold out America to the Chinese who are preparing to colonize its land through free trade zones such as 50 square miles in Idaho.  The Chinese government's been preparing to move part of its population into America to set-up manufacturing operations to replace American worker jobs. See China Wants To Construct A 50 Mile Self-Sustaining City South of Boise, Idaho - EndoftheAmericanDream.com.

The Chinese government is a hostile country known for fascist brutality that will not be kind to Americans, not to mention their edible tasty pets, when they begin colonizing America through the trojan horse of free trade zones.  All this happened in my view due to Americans not standing up for justice and truth in the 1960's assassination of key leaders who would have made a difference had they been allowed to live.  Americans have since become dumb downed to such a degree most don't even know what's happening to them and their country anymore.

The Murder of Americans: Existence of Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted by Lawless White House - Natural News

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