Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I May Be A Time Traveler - Did Art Bell Receive My Message During His 1997 Broadcast?

Last night I was listening to one of Shoutcast App's radio programs The Best of Art Bell - Somewhere in Time.  Art Bell was an extremely popular night talk radio program on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program that's since been taken over by George Noory.  I never ever heard of Art Bell until a few months ago just to give an idea I haven't listened to talk radio for decades prior to getting an iPhone.  From my view Bell, who has since retired, was an extremely intelligent radio host and quite mesmerizing to listen to. (Photo shows Time Traveler Bell kissing my cat Cricket who drowned in a flood back in 1963)

First, allow me to say I've been interested in time travel ever since I did a lot of research for a website about the human brain I designed back in 1999 that was one of its topics.  I have a theory people who especially live by trial and error tend to delve into looking for ways to go back and correct their mistakes. Unfortunately, there's no "undo" button in real life, at least yet discovered, other than on a computer.

The Somewhere in Time Show broadcasts are from the mid-1990s up to early 2000′s. Last night I was listening to a broadcast from May, 1997 which amounts to 14 years ago.  Art had been discussing his new book The Quickening that was just published and flying off the shelves.  One of the topics Bell delved into was the quickening towards a one world government that was in what he referred to as the "warm water stage".  Bell emphatically stated to a caller's inquiry that "no nation on earth would give up its sovereignty in any of our lifetimes or generation (to a one world government)."   To my utter amazement, the next caller called in and said “you don’t have any lines open for time travelers, you should let them call in”.  With that, I wanted to call Art Bell and tell him he was gravely mistaken as follows:
"Art, in 2011 the U.S. dollar is on the verge of dying, many states are on the precipice of bankruptcy and the Chinese are said to be in negotiations to buy out some
of the United States!  In fact in the next four weeks a very credible knowledgeable person* with inside information predicts the dollar will be plummeting in value.  The Chinese are currently in the process of colonizing our country through a trojan horse known as "free trade zones" thanks to our corrupt politicians. 
They sold us out Art!  The corrupt U.S. politicians have thrown our country away to a one world government and millions of people are going to die on this planet during this dark time in history.  Do something Art!  Please do something! Anything!" - Cheryl Meril, Caller from the future, June 21, 2011
*For those interested in the info of dollar collapsing in four weeks claim, download the radio program from the Wide Awake News (Charlie McGrath) show archive for June 21 and June 15 for the details.

Art Bell was clearly a time traveler into the future but am I really a time traveler?  Did Bell somehow create a framework in radio broadcasting for time travelers to converge on his Somewhere in Time program?  Was he that brilliant?  If I'm not a time traveler, I certainly I felt like one last night.  Art has since left the United States and retired from radio broadcasting.

Maybe Art got my message from the future in the past and decided to move to higher ground.  Art probably felt his book was enough to forewarn people about what is to come.  Art never claimed to be a prophet and said his book was 90% derived from factual information.