Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zapping Parasites With The Terminator Zapper

A while back I posted about how I got sick on slightly uncooked chicken.  The problem was I bought the frozen Trader Joes chicken breasts that were so large they were difficult to cook evenly to avoid parts of the chicken drying out.  For me there's nothing worse then tough, dry overcooked chicken.  I had a momentary loss of memory over the fact raw chicken is extremely dangerous after I attempted to cook it as rare as possible.  Later on at 4:00 am I threw up everything and a week later had a relapse since my stomach was still vulnerable.

After the horrendous experience, I did some reading to learn uncooked chicken can cause parasites to enter into one's intestines.  I decided to irrigate my system with something I learned about from a Truther Girl video called the Terminator Zapper. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to take those liquid intestinal cleanse products so the zapper seemed perfect for my situation.

Truther Girl Sonia explains how she uses the Terminator Zapper along with its benefits.

Another view of the zapper.

The Terminator Zapper is the best selling parasite removal device on the market.  I've been using the zapper daily for the past four weeks and am confident the parasites are on the run, if I do indeed have any.  At first the copper discs on the zapper tended to sting my skin a little causing a few small scabs, but went away after a while.  I tend to keep the product on as much as I can.  After one month of wearing the zapper one can reduce its use to a few times a week.