Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lighten Up Sundays - Talking Dog Mishka Videos

Today's Light Up Sundays features cute talented dog talking videos that can't be missed.  Mishka's a husky that mimics human speech and even has her own YouTube Channel

Such a sweet dog.

This husky dog argument has been successfully translated to English captions.

They ask Mishka a question.

Mishka makes a song that's even on iTunes!

B-day bash for Mishka. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Default Countdown: America Could Lose Its Sovereignty

Even if America defaults August 2nd, it will be a couple months before it doesn't pay its bills so there's no need to panic yet.  The sad part of all this is none of it had to happen, Americans gave over control of their economy to traitor politicians who sold out their country to International global interests.

This default has been planned for years by globalists who President Obama is clearly in concert with.  It's been said Obama sold out America's sovereignty already at the G-20 back in 2009.
"Moving as quickly as he can to gut the USA and then divide its body parts amongst like-minded globalists, the USA’s Supreme Leader used the G-20 conference to begin his turnover of USA sovereignty to said internationalists and start the move toward a one-world government. Obama has signed off on international legislation -- the Financial Stability Board -- that would regulate ALL firms, including those within the USA and places them under the responsibility of an international governmental agency." - Link
I found an outstanding video explaining what's likely going to happen and what the problems have been as explained by Max Keiser of the Keiser Report:

This is an outstanding video explaining what's likely to happen and why, that America will lose its sovereignty if drastic measures aren't taken.

I could never understand why so many of my fellow Americans have been so dense to vote their enemies into office while treating them as celebrities.  Surely Americans will be paying a heavy price for remaining ignorant for so long by living in such denial. Denial is a huge problem in the U.S., where people choose to simply bury their heads in the sand rather then deal with reality. The number one vehicle for such denial has been the American addiction to television programming. 

Americans should be preparing for what's transpiring by storing up on food, water and emergency supplies.  Prices are expected to triple in the future for fuel and food.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Pathetic Crack Whore U.S. Government Begs Public For Handouts

After the corrupt con artist politicians in Washington D.C. trashed the United States of America, they're exhibiting pathological insanity and desparation begging the public to donate to help reduce the deficit.  These sick criminals in the U.S. Government have the audacity after they've pillaged the country to ask Americans for a handout! Forget about asking them to end their fraudulent wars invading other countries for resources, forget about asking them to do common sense things.

The U.S government has put up a page provided by the Department of The Treasury to accept donations to pay down the public debt.

The federal government has put a form online to accept donations from the public which reads:

Note the wording the United States Treasury is asking for handouts from the American public to "reduce the public debt."  It's not the government's debt, it's our debt!  This is just another way of saying it's the public's problem, that we're a burden to the government that they need our donations and support!
So let me get this straight.

They stole our money to give the wall street bankers $16 trillion in secret bailouts and $9 Trillion has disappeared from the Fed.

When it was time to bail out the taxpayer they let wall street run mortgage foreclosure mills all over the country and instead of prosecuting the fraud they have allowed it to continue for years. Instead they have made it official policy not to prosecute fraud.
In fact states are negotiating deals to give the crooks immunity.

They have spent trillions of dollars on illegal overseas wars for oil and drugs.

They hand over hundreds of billions to spy on us creating a domestic spy program that has grown beyond our worst nightmares.

They have stolen trillions from Social Security and are conducting secret talks to chop Social Security, Medicare and Public Education.

They have repeatedly violated our civil rights, censor  us , beat us, torture us, kidnap us,  call us terrorists, target us for assassination,  and detain us indefinitely with no charge in overseas torture camps. - Give Us Your Money, Suckers - Alexander Higgins Blog

This is obviously a desperate dangerous government.  They want all  of our money,  and if we don't volunteer to give it up to them they will simply steal it all in the form of pensions, 401K's and social security.

The government is behaving like a crack whore with money as its addiction, quickly evolving into a very dangerous and insidious entity all should be wary of.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Court Breakdown: Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Chokes Fellow Female Justice

I don't understand why it's at all necessary to conduct an investigation since a woman of such great authority, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, accused her fellow justice David T. Prosser, Jr. of placing her in a chokehold last month. The incident occurred behind closed doors in which Justice Prosser was reported to have grabbed Justice Bradley by the neck with both hands during an argument in her chambers prior to the court's decision to uphold a bill. 
"Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Justice David Prosser put her in a chokehold during the dispute. She contacted the newspaper late Saturday after Prosser denied rumors about the altercation.

'The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold,' Bradley told the newspaper.'"-Article Link
It seems Justice Prosser is hoping his denials can somehow overcome these accusations from a fellow justice and that his buddies will exonerate him from an alleged lying  wicked witch liberal justice.  The forthcoming investigation being conducted by his fellow male counterparts is clearly designed to exonerate him.  As I've revealed throughout this blog, men in the legal system cover-up for one another, especially when it comes to accusations from women.

Justice David Prosser, Jr. knows an investigation conducted by other male colleagues will cover-up on his behalf.  This is the way the corrupt court system works folks. This isn't the first time Prosser's had complaints.

In this clip Justice Prosser attempts to grab a newscaster's microphone.

No tax payer paid cover-up investigation is necessary  The man's obviously guilty since Supreme Court justices don't run around falsely accusing each other of assault.  If the two were married and in a domestic dispute that would be one thing, this is quite another.  This is a good example of how men think they're above the law and accusations simply don't stick to them.
"Bradley sent all the justices an email after that meeting, saying Prosser's behavior was unacceptable. She said later that she considered making a report to law enforcement but decided against it." Article Link
I again ask, why is there a need for an investigation?  Obviously the man is guilty.  What greater weight of credibility must one have then that of a Supreme Court Justice?  

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David T. Prosser, Jr. is clearly guilty of assaulting a fellow justice.   It's as simple as that.  Prosser can't admit his guilt because he believes himself to be above the law.  No investigation using taxpayer funds is needed, not when a justice on that level makes such a claim.  Period!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Bankers Are Creeping Me Out

Last week I performed a refinance loan signing for someone who I later learned was a director of securities at Wells Fargo bank.  The couple was already pissed off at the loan facilitating bank prior to my arrival, something I'm familiar with in people sometimes wanting to vent and take out on me.  For instance, my last birthday evening was spent with a couple furious at Bank of America so much so that I thought they were going to rip my head off when I  arrived.  So just imagine a sight to behold of a bank executive upset over another bank's refinance loan practices? I was a sitting duck for potential abuse for sure.

The director from Wells Fargo was so upset with the bank that he refused to sign his middle initial in his name as was delineated in the signature block on the deed of trust.  He said he never signs his name with his middle initial and he just wouldn't do it.  I told the banker if he didn't sign his name exactly as listed in the signature block, the loan papers would have to be redrafted without the initial requirement.  He responded that he didn't care if the papers had to be redrafted and continued to sign all of the documents quite angrily.

When I was called back to perform the banker's signing a second time I was later informed he wanted to get his own notary public to do his paperwork.  Fearing I wouldn't be paid for my work and time, I contacted this bank executive who expressed regret I had informed the bank he refused to sign his name correctly.  Imagine that, a banker blaming me for doing my job!  That is my job and this banker behaved as though I had somehow tattled on him that caused his loan to be redone.  Often times in instances where loan documents have to be redrafted the loan signing agent (me) doesn't get paid unless they go back and redo the signing. This director at Wells Fargo was trying to make it look like I was responsible for the problem, that it was my fault somehow in his getting another notary to do the resigning.  A typical banker!

Let there be no doubt that bankers all over the country are a pain in the rear:

"As all of you are aware, I have many cases and field calls from all over the country where banks break into homes, change the locks, sometimes take property.
The banks fight aggressively, very aggressively and take the position that they have every legal right to invade the homes of Americans.  The banks take the position that when you take out a mortgage, you have given up your right to be protected by the law from unreasonable searches and seizures of your property.
Think about that Americans, and send this along to all your friends.  The banks have taken the position that they do not need court order or supervision of law enforcement when they decide to break into your home." - The Banks As Burglars, Why Are They Not Punished?  Why Are They Above The Law? - Matt Weidner Law Blog
Here's another example in the words of a lawyer in Florida:
"Lawyers that defend homeowners are being persecuted and crushed. Activists and homeowners who plead with  leaders for reasonable solutions are being crushed.  And our courts, buried under the wave of a crisis created by the banks are overwhelmed.  And the problems are only going to get much, much worse." - Take Back The Land Coming to the United States - Matt Weidner Blog
It's interesting to note when I asked the Wells Fargo director if he was in the financial industry, he responded with "no".  Bankers are good at lying!  Why would he lie?  Every time I deal with bankers at my local bank, they are so nosy and prying into my personal life, I just say as little as possible.  They always try very hard to make me believe they're truly interested and my friend.  Once in a while I come across a genuinely nice person working at a bank, but much of the time I keep my distance.  Sometimes when they ask probing personal questions I feel like responding with "it's none of your business!"

Whenever I do loan signings on behalf of Wells Fargo bank they ask if I can invoice them and it usually takes two months to get paid!   All I can say is these banks have some real nerve and audacity these days.  The worst of all of them is Bank of America, a bank that can burn in hell.  BofA's loan refinance documents are always a mess to deal with and their customers most always complain to me about this bank's incompetence.  A couple of lawyers I did a signing for once laughed at BofA's term for an additional fee as "padding" they found so hilarious they wanted to frame and hang the document on the wall.

A few nights ago I had a three hour loan signing to midnight with an auditor in the financial industry who works for VISA.  Though she was very nice, she scrutinized everything, and the banker who was in a conference call with us appeared to sound drunk being unable to answer her questions.  The banker was calling the borrower "sweetheart" and "darling" to the shock of the borrower who asked if she was on candid camera.

Most of my loan signing experiences with clients are very positive.   However there's always that 5% who want to take out their issues with their bank on me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Americans Need To Prepare For Coming Financial Armageddon Now!

There are several different possibilities of what will occur should the U.S. default on its debt Americans need to be preparing for now.  Most people have no idea what to do since such an epic event has never happened before in their lifetimes.  This isn't the kind of problem one can live in denial over by putting on their headphones listening to a favorite song or watching a movie.  First and foremost, this is the time people should be stocking up on canned goods, food, water, toiletries and anything else they can think of, including for their pets welfare. Everyone should know that there will likely be rioting and much chaos everywhere.
"We are witnessing, in accelerated time, the total financial implosion of an empire. We're watching it burn right before our very eyes, and it was all set in motion in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, of course.
This day is coming. We've been warning about it here on NaturalNews since at least 2008, when I held a phone seminar and warned people to buy gold and silver. (At that time, gold was in the $600 range. Today it's $1,600...) Actually, I'm on the record warning people about the dot-com bubble before it popped, and about the housing bubble before it popped, too. Now I'm warning about the coming collapse of the dollar, which now even mainstream people are beginning to see as a possibility. Even Obama himself said we need to increase the debt ceiling to avoid what he called, Financial Armageddon." - . . America's Currency Headed For Total Collapse - Natural News
Americans have been living in denial for quite some time that their country's been taken over by a band of brutal criminals.  When the shit hits the fan, many Americans' eyes will be forced wide opened that the U.S. is no longer theirs having been hijacked from them.  There will be no more time to watch television's lying talking heads, a movie, or sports event. Things are definitely going to get insane if there's a U.S. default. What it means is the U.S. dollar will become worthless and eventually likely replaced with a world currency. 

The wealthy in the U.S. will become poor overnight unless they were smart enough to exchange their money overseas and invest in precious metals. In fact, many of the wealthy are probably headed overseas right now to avoid the calamity.  If you can, now is the time to leave the United States that's sinking like the Titanic.

The first thing to remember is when society breaks down, there will likely be no typical police services.  The U.N. military forces might well be brought in to deal with the chaos.  For those unaware, U.N. forces have been trained to raid Americans' homes, ship them off to FEMA camps and/or kill them.  Those are just some of the potential horrors that await up ahead for many. 

People should be considering how to protect themselves from possible looters should government systems break down.   People should buy plenty of guns, ammo, pepper spray, stun guns, and defensive weapons they're able. While their at it, people should upgrade the security on their homes since looters will try to enter if they're not home.

If I were employed at a corporation having no real access to my 401K I would quit my job to gain access to the funds in order to quickly convert the dollars to tangible assets.  People who continue to work at their jobs are sitting ducks for devastation.  The dollar is headed for serious devaluing and inflation is going make everything very expensive. This could quite possibly be the final week of American's lives prior to chaos breaking lose in which America will never be the same again.  This could be it, the final days of normalcy Americans will have ever known in their lives prior to when the shit hits the fan and all hell breaks lose.  People should prepare for the worst now before it's too late.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reasons I Chose To Be a Vexatious Litigant - I Just Couldn't Take It Anymore

I'm proud of litigant in pro se William Windsor who has defeated the corrupt U.S. Federal court system by saturating them with valid motions in his case against judicial tyranny.  In an article posted today Janet Phelan, an investigative reporter who specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption, states "how use of the vexatious litigant determination has been applied quite liberally of late".   Phelan provided an example of Casey and Marilyn Peters  who were deemed vexatious on the weight of filing only one lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.
". . . a decision which impacted their ability to recoup monies allegedly stolen from them through decisions by Judge Aviva K. Bobb in probate court. They have also alleged misconduct by Bobb as pivotal in causing the death of Casey's mother, Lee Peters, who was a conservatee. The law explicitly does not allow an individual to be termed "vexatious" for filing one suit." - Access Denied: Judicial Reform Activist William Windsor Deemed Vexatious Litigant -
What this means of course is if one stands up for their rights in a court of law, the court can claim vexatious litigant based on one case such as if it denotes challenging the judicial system in any way. That's how lawless those in the judicial system have become to cover up for their rigged judicial system.

I admit, a while back I went on a sneezing fit with a few lawsuits I filed.  The first one I filed in 2008 was meant to be a joke and means of rhetorical rants after the late 1990's of my being litigated against with two crazy restraining orders in which lawyers generated a lot of fees for themselves.  In my lawsuit against the law firm of Baker & McKenzie LLP, a billion dollar a year global law firm, I had a wonderful time mocking the legal culture that had been allowing perjury, great exaggerations and all kinds of nonsense in restraining orders filed against me years prior.  For anyone who'd like to view my loads of laughs litigation here are a few I filed:

1.  Response to Defendant's Demurrer

2.  Response to Defendant's Motion to Strike Portions of Plaintiff's Complaint

In the late 1990's attorneys had taken my minor disputes at a corporation where I had left a paper trail,  as well as that of roommate conflict opportunities I recently posted about and blew them up as a cover for their client's actions and behavior.  Years later I set the tone of what was to follow of my own litigation activity after getting to know the legal system from within working 10 years at such law firms as Kirkland & Ellis LLP (2 years), Pillsbury Winthrop LLP (3.5 years), Preston, Gates & Ellis LLP (1 year) and Morrison & Foerster LLP (1 year).  If I was such the kind of person these restraining orders claimed, how could I possibly last at such a strict anal law firm as Kirkland & Ellis or Pillsbury?

How I Evolved Into a Vexatious Litigant

After graduating from such an experience working for attorneys as a legal word processor, I then got a paralegal certificate that enabled me loads of fun filing a frivolous lawsuit against Baker & McKenzie LLP.  Yes, I knew my claim was frivolous, but I wanted to document what I experienced being burned multiple times by one of their lesbian employees in HR who was clearly enjoying devastating me with backstabbing games.  I didn't have a lawful case just an ethical one that genuinely caused me emotional distress since I was promised a job there. I suffered months with pay below my usual salary and they kept deliberately devastating me in the most humiliating ways possible.  Yes, I knew all along my lawsuit wouldn't fly but venting in the lawsuit was well worth it to me.  I had loads of fun, it was a blast suing the law firm in pro se.  My favorite part was when I wrote my concerns Baker & McKenzie as a global law firm was superseding the U.S. court system since it was quite obvious the judge wasn't bothering to read my responding briefs.

I've dealt with what I consider to be Nazi based female management oppressing me at law firms over petty ridiculous matters they intentionally provoked for years.  I was thus many times laughing rolling on the floor having loads of fun litigating over silly matters and experiences at a big name law firm.  I also submitted interrogatories wanting phone records of conversation of the HR person over her preferred employee  who she allowed to steal a job from me.

I'm sure lawyers equally laughed over the tremendous farce they created in the late 90's to cover up their clients' conduct where I had left paper trails.  Without my paper trails they had no case whatsoever against me for anything.   In any event, last year I was declared a vexatious litigant primarily due to my litigation debut of my Baker & McKenzie LLP lawsuit, something well worth it to me.   I didn't have to but later paid Baker & McKenzie their $370 filing fee and was done with it.

I never at any moment took my lawsuit against Baker & McKenzie seriously, it was nothing but a joke on them and my official departure working 10 long grueling years at law firms.  Yes, I deserve the vexatious litigant label based on the B&M lawsuit.  I'm sorry for those litigants who don't deserve the label, such as Mr. Windsor, but the courts are so corrupt these days it's best not to file any lawsuit unless you want to make a mockery of the legal system in doing so.

A Losing Battle With A Rigged & Highly Political Court System

These people in the legal system must win at all costs.  You either mock them in litigation in pro se, or lose your serious lawsuit they will mock one way or another.  As for my lawsuits against cyber stalkers, I filed those quite seriously.  I wish I wouldn't have, but I felt I had to.  I won a default judgment and the other one was dismissed.

I'm sorry Mr. Windsor received his vexatious litigant determination as well as the others in this post.  I clearly deserved mine based on my initial lawsuit. I didn't bother to attend the hearing an attorney attended to address my litigation against he and his client.  Judge's do whatever they want these days and the court system is clearly rigged in favor of its players.  When it gets so bad, for some it comes down to simply a matter of mocking the system for what it is, a rigged lawyer's and judges game.

Unfortunately, my B&M case affected the outcome of one of my cases against a cyber stalker.  I have no idea if what I encountered working at B&M was influenced by materials the cyber stalker had posted about me which contributed to their playing games.  In any event, my head was being played with by various individuals that I felt it was intentional and destructive towards me.  I just felt I had to do something to counter it all.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cop Kicked Out of Coffee House By Free Thinking American Business Owner

In an earlier post I suggested a good way for a community to deal with their local police officers' offensive actions, such as when they go about arresting people over an event to feed their community's poor, is to deny them service at restaurants and businesses they frequent.  Under many jurisdictions, business owners may lawfully refuse service to anyone for any lawful reason.   

The videos below provide a good example of how a free thinking American local coffee cafe business owner in Portland Oregon bravely denied services to a police officer.  When police activities become damaging to a community there's a means to respond as such by organizing outraged local business owners to make it clear the corruption will not be tolerated.

The videos below demonstrate how people can organize fearlessly to deal with police corruption in their communities. 

One can observe the rejected Police Officer Jim Crooker enjoying displaying his charm to the media and the support of a local sympathizing woman who blogged over feeling sorry for him. It's these kind of blind women, Cornelia Seigneur, who allow themselves to be easily conned by police officers they sometimes allow into their bedrooms.  Yes I do wonder if the officer got into this lady's bedroom.

A small uproar over the incident ensued in which the officer, through his conduit female witness, complained to the media over being discriminated against for the color of his uniform.  The uproar caused the Red and Black Cafe coffee house owner Jim Langely to later call a press conference with the media about why the officer was refused services being asked to leave.

A local business owner Jim Langley explains at a media press conference why he asked the police officer to leave his Portland Oregon coffee house.

I don't know if the laws allow denial of service in certain jurisdictions across the country. If anyone's considering denying police entry to their business or for goods and services, they will need to check their local laws.  My guess is if the police are largely denied local community business services on a wide scale, there will eventually be legislation to prevent this kind of thing. 

Let there be no doubt, in spite of the friendly mask the police officer wore to the camera, the coffee business owner has evoked dark forces having risked his life to stand up to police corruption.  Depending on the degree of corruption in the community, Langley may be found dead one day by some mysterious accident in which police will block investigation much like the one I posted about earlier of Sunny Sheu's murder and the subsequent cover-up for his standing up to a corrupt judge. 

When people stand up to cop corruption, they're literally putting their lives on the line dealing with a group of Mafia like criminal gang of crooks. Mr. Langley's a brave and honorable man, I wish there were more people like him willing to stand up to police corruption in this manner. 

Officer Crooked!  Officer Crook!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inappropriate Use of Police Services At Tax Payer Expense Common in America

This is just another example of police services being used inappropriately in avoiding performing crime fighting duties on behalf of tax payers.  The bicycle cops in Los Angeles (aka the LAPD), apparently having few crimes to prosecute because of so many angels in their small community of several million, have finally found a worthy target to focus their time on.  Ever since the LAPD's disastrous world debut on the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases, Angelinos have been wondering what the cops would be doing with their lame ass over paid pitiful selves.

Since 2010, the LAPD has since uncovered a huge threat posed to local restaurant establishments in targeting those friendly little mobile food van street vendors.  These vendors are a long tradition in America bringing much comfort and relief to employees as well as competition to the local restaurant establishments. 

The following YouTube comment says it all:
This boggles the mind. The City of LA issued these trucks permits, and yet the CITY Police are hassling them? The LAPD should stop this bull crap. If the City issued a permit for trucks, then the truck is legal, what more do the LAPD need to know? Meanwhile, a store is getting robbed, and people might die, but the LAPD takes 30 minutes to get there, Because their busy with a Taco truck. Are you kidding me! - YouTube video comment. 
Unfortunately, this Mafia like police activity is becoming a pattern across the United States.  (See Mobile Food Vendors Get The Boot - St. Louis Today)  When police become nothing more than servants of corporations at tax payer expense, citizens know things are running amiss.  Is this the function of the police to be harassing and annoying these business operators as such who are clearly following the law in many cases?  It's okay to be asking for permits, but a chronic unjustified ticketing system of these operators is clearly designed to drive them out of the chosen area.

This video from last year highlights how the LAPD bike police are used for harassment, much like the Mafia, on behalf of local restaurant competition. 
A lady actually went to jail for 45 days for selling bacon wrapped hot dogs!  Such a food combination has been declared unsafe by the health department.  Was it really unsafe or just another one of those tactics the FDA uses to protect the pharmaceutical industry from healthy food companies?  - YouTube Video
Why are police trying to take away a much needed service from their communities?  After all, these mobile food vans are a large tradition in America serving a genuine need for food access convenience and expediency.  The answer is that the local restaurant establishments are complaining to the police that likely offered free meals in return for their assistance.  If this form of bribery is so, the police are therefore acting more like the Mafia would protecting their own interests, not that of the tax payers. 

This story may not seem serious to some, but if this kind of police mentality takes root as it already  has in many jurisdictions such as New York and Chicago, it will grow like wild weed.  If the restaurants aren't providing good food or services, they need to improve instead of complaining to and bribing the police over their competition's activities.  The cops shouldn't be participating in such extreme targeting and harassment using Mafia methods of intimidation against restaurants' competition.

I've always questioned just how effective police services really are and have since come to a conclusion police largely work for their own political interests stealing from and oppressing the tax payer in a form of class warfare.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man Arrested For Burglary Of His Own Home By Keystone Cops in Lufkin Texas

This story is as crazy as it gets demonstrating the insanity of law enforcement and the court system these days.  In March 2009 a neighbor called the police because he claimed to have observed a black man kick in the front door of a home in Lufkin Texas.  After nine police officers arrived, they found a man who didn't speak English hiding in the bathroom.  Turns out Marco Saucedo, 30, was the legal owner of the home.
"Saucedo, who doesn’t speak English, did not comply and police entered the home, finding that he had locked himself in the bathroom, according to Lufkin  county prosecutor Gary Taylor. Taylor on Tuesday played dashboard camera video for the jury of five men and a woman in County Court-at-Law No. 2 Judge Derek Flournoy’s courtroom." - Lufkin Daily News
The police officers sprayed pepper spray under the bathroom door forcing Saucedo out only to pepper ball gun him multiple times when he resisted arrest.  Saucedo was injured in the incident with a large gash to his head.  In spite of the fact Saucedo had done nothing initially wrong and owned the home, the police still sought to prosecute him for resisting arrest. Today Saucedo's facing a trial for resisting arrest for the unlawful entry by police officers into his home who essentially tortured him.

It wasn't enough the Keystone cops in Lufkin Texas came into a home unlawfully to torture an innocent home owner, that they had to prosecute him for resisting their unlawful arrest? What kind of monsters are these people?  

Real human beings would have a conscience they tortured a man in his own home and just call it a day.  Instead these beasts of burden terminator machines decided when they didn't have a real burglar they should continue to remain dominating something, anything, for their bruised egos.  The beasts  decided torture wasn't enough that they had to file charges against Saucedo for "resisting arrest."

These are some very ugly evil people not only in law enforcement but the court system. They care nothing of the terror they caused this poor home owner, the pain and torture, and now a trial for human inclination of an innocent person to resist arrest. It's only natural human instinct to want to protect one's self from such an invasion as such. They expect us to just lay down and let them run all over us without just cause.  They're too busy focusing on prosecuting an innocent home owner while not doing their jobs of finding real criminals and that should be a crime in itself since they work for the Lufkin county tax payers!

These cops violate basic human decency towards their fellow human beings. The laws of karma are in full force and effect which they can never escape.  The beasts disrupt the electromagnetic life force grid and will be paying a heavy price for their evil acts one day.

There are some very sick people in the court and legal system.  God help us all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Judge Katherine Feinstein Threatens: 'You Won't Be Able to Sue That Unscrupulous Roommate!'

At yesterday's press conference in San Francisco as referenced in my last post, it was interesting to note the Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein included with the news of layoffs and severe cutbacks in court services a statement about suing roommates:
"Our citizens will have to wait for years to peacefully resolve their disputes," Feinstein said. There will be "nowhere to go to sue an unscrupulous roommate, get a divorce or sue a reckless driver who injured you in a car accident."
 "'Our citizens will have to wait for years to peacefully resolve their disputes,' Feinstein said. There will be 'nowhere to go to sue an unscrupulous roommate, get a divorce or sue a reckless driver who injured you in a car accident.'" - Massive Cut to Court Budget Stalls Most Civil Cases - Bay Citizen
"Our citizens will have to wait for years to peacefully resolve their disputes," Feinstein said. There will be "nowhere to go to sue an unscrupulous roommate, get a divorce or sue a reckless driver who injured you in a car accident."Source: The Bay Citizen (
I find that statement interesting since back in 1999 I was a victim of someone wanting to make me out to be an unscrupulous roommate in order to obtain one of the best lease deals in San Francisco.  I had lived there 3.5 years and eventually was on the lease as a joint tenant. I learned the police were being called onto the property while I was working the late night shift in 1998 at Morrison & Foerster LLP,  working long hours sometimes until 5:00 a.m. in the morning.

My story below is an example of how the court is actually encouraging dysfunction in our culture to generate income for its business enterprise:

It's public record a self employed former roommate, Joyce Cassells, had been court evicted in San Francisco five times in five years, declared bankruptcy twice in 12 years (1995 & 2004), and was evicted from the well respected Progress Foundation where she put into her own words her mental health issues, conflicts and complaints about people. (See PDF)  Ms. Cassells was also evicted by the Mary Beth Inn for non-payment of rent.  In spite of not paying $850 a month rent an entire year, Ms. Cassells contested that eviction as well.  Shortly thereafter filing for bankruptcy, somehow Ms. Cassells was able to obtain three consecutive student loans totaling $90,000 which enabled her to go on a rampage of tax payer funded police and court services to take over the lease to the property where I lived.

The late LGBT author Betty Fairchild, who at the time was 78, and myself didn't ever run to the police for whatever caused us distress such as when this roommate  kicked in the front door and broke off the chain, locked out Ms. Fairchild so she had to go to the back door, harassed Ms. Fairchild to move with little stickers on her door that said "get a life", entered Ms. Fairchild's room while she was on vacation to tamper with her VCR damaging it, turned up the heater on warm days, replaced toilet seats with flimsy plastic temporary ones without consent, put her crazy looking unframed finger painting artwork in the hallway without discussion.

Instead of running to the police, Ms. Fairchild as the leaseholder contacted her lawyer who did not do his job. Since the case wouldn't generate any money for him, the lawyer gave bad advice by suggesting asking Ms. Cassells to move might cause legal difficulties. This was completely false since at the time Ms. Cassells only rented a room not having had any lease agreement.

When Ms. Cassells first moved onto the property in 1996 she brought attention to herself by harassing the landlord to provide paint materials for her two rooms.  The landlord thereby sent us all letters threatening to potentially evict us since the deal was so incredible we were receiving.  Three years later after Ms. Fairchild moved from the property where she had lived 12 years and after the landlord sold the building, Ms. Cassells began a manipulative campaign to make me look like a bad tenant, contacting the neighbors, the new building owner and continually calling the police over petty matters.  At the time there was an extreme housing crisis in San Francisco in 1998-99 that caused me to remain in a tremendous deal where I only paid $325 a month rent.
One evening I came home to find my dishes had been removed from the shelves where a cryptic handwritten note said "I pay 70% of the rent and you therefore only have 30% of the common area space" totally unlawful harassment.  Ms. Cassells. got in my face that evening where I yelled at her prompting another call to the police.  The police were called in that evening where Ms. Cassells obtained favor with the police for her bullying activities. I later learned the police came onto my property without hesitation for any petty matter when I wasn't home where they'd record the alleged incidents with their little ticket notation system.

The police continued to be called without my knowledge for such things as moving in my fish aquarium, replacing the kitchen carpet, and allegedly smearing shoe polish on the bathtub and leaving feces on the toilet.  Ms. Cassells complained to the police over my allegedly not flushing the toilet.  One day a college student I was helping with research using my computer witnessed Ms. Cassells talking to a local foot police officer about "missing rags and light bulbs" and couldn't believe it.

In spite of the fact my lawyer had disclosed to the court Ms. Cassells had been evicted five times in five years and was trying to obtain the entire lease fraudulently, it still backed her up due to all the police visits to the property.

So, when the San Francisco Superior Court sided with this person and many of her petty complaints against me forcing me to move with a 3 foot restraining order, I say it's best that the court no longer be encouraging these kind of lawsuits. Especially those kind of cases where lawyers rely on people's student loan funds and/or credit cards to pay them in which their clients later declare bankruptcy for free legal services.

My other experiences with courts such as in Walnut Creek demonstrated the courts are attempting to entrap people to generate income for the local legal community.  They aren't disputing outrageous lies in accepting cases by paranoid schizophrenic cyber stalkers who have no evidence to back up their claims, making their victims guilty based on perjury.  I was later able to obtain a $25K  judgment against this guy in 2010, no thanks to the court or legal system based solely on my hard work and witnesses testimony.

My experience has been the courts are encouraging people to be dysfunctional and complain which is why the little comment by Judge Feinstein "you wont be able to file a lawsuit against an unscrupulous roommate" speaks of their marketing campaign to attract business for themselves.  People should be able to resolve their roommate issues without court intervention that's draining on the tax payers in every respect of the word.  This roommate accused me in her attorney's extensive litigation of "lacking common sense" and went on about her alleged genius peer approved intelligence. The R.O. litigation must have cost a few thousand dollars.
"The lease on Lincoln Way included 3.5 bedrooms, two fireplaces, a backyard with patio and motorcycle parking enclave, two car garage, kitchen pantry and high coffer ceilings being next to Golden Gate Park near shopping and Muni public transportation to downtown.  The rent was $1,250 at the time I was forced by the court to move."
When the court is encouraging people to come into court to lie or exaggerate minor conflicts in order to justify itself and generate income for the local legal community, you know it's a corrupt system that needs to be dismantled in one form or another.  The court made me a scapegoat to Ms. Cassells problems.
"SF has the biggest budget of any city its size in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Last week I commented that the sane, taxpaying, responsible citizens of SF appeared to be stirring. I hope it continues. This article is nothing but the usual tripe of "let's close the Washington monument to balance the federal budget" BS. Don't let 'em scare you into higher taxes. You already pay the highest anywhere. Demand efficiency, folks! Or at least some smaller levels of typical government inefficiency." Commenter -  S.F. Courts Warn Of Budget Disaster -
My audio on the experience I had living with Ms. Cassells from 1996-1999.  (MP3)

Monday, July 18, 2011

San Francisco Judicial Parasites Whine Over 'Courtmageddon' Budget Hack

As I was writing this post, moments ago a former Paul Hastings attorney in San Francisco called for a unique service request claiming the traffic court's attempting to steal money from her by lying about court hearing dates. She's in another state so she can't immediately deal with it.  When I told her what my fee would be, she slightly paused. Imagine that, an attorney complaining about my fee dealing with San Francisco court's corruption!  It was kind of funny to witness an attorney pause over a mere $75 dollars considering what attorneys charge these days.

Much like the wealthy bankers complained they needed a tax payer bailout back in 2008 only to handsomely reward their employees with huge bonuses as too big to fails, today will mark the  blackmail campaign to threaten San Franciscans with a near collapse of service over civil court matters.  Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein will release a statement today over the alleged service cuts.

What I'm reading into this following quote is that they are unable to provide much of any civil services to San Franciscans:
"It will take a year and a half to get a divorce in San Francisco and to get a child custody order. If you file suit, we won't do anything with your case for five years," court spokesperson Ann Donlan said. Paying a traffic ticket could mean waiting in line for five hours. 
'We're basically talking about the suspension of most civil actions in court,' Dolan said. While the criminal court in the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St. will remain open, most courtrooms at a second courthouse at 400 McAllister St. in Civic Center will be closed." - Courtmageddon Looms After Budget Cuts - The Bay Citizen
We're basically talking about the suspension of most civil actions in court," she said. While the criminal court in the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St. will remain open, most courtooms at a second courthouse at 400 McAllister St. in Civic Center will be closed.
Donlan said the cuts are the result of a state budget that eliminated $350 million from courts throughout California, leaving the San Francisco Superior Court with a $13.75 million deficit.
"This is the worst crisis in legal services that I can think of in my professional career in more than 20 years," said Bill Hebert, a San Francisco lawyer who is president of the State Bar of California.
We're basically talking about the suspension of most civil actions in court," she said. While the criminal court in the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St. will remain open, most courtooms at a second courthouse at 400 McAllister St. in Civic Center will be closed.
Donlan said the cuts are the result of a state budget that eliminated $350 million from courts throughout California, leaving the San Francisco Superior Court with a $13.75 million deficit.
"This is the worst crisis in legal services that I can think of in my professional career in more than 20 years," said Bill Hebert, a San Francisco lawyer who is president of the State Bar of California.
We're basically talking about the suspension of most civil actions in court," she said. While the criminal court in the Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St. will remain open, most courtooms at a second courthouse at 400 McAllister St. in Civic Center will be closed.
Donlan said the cuts are the result of a state budget that eliminated $350 million from courts throughout California, leaving the San Francisco Superior Court with a $13.75 million deficit.
"This is the worst crisis in legal services that I can think of in my professional career in more than 20 years," said Bill Hebert, a San Francisco lawyer who is president of the State Bar of California.
This parasitical civil court system in San Francisco is full of many nasty highly political people who are rude towards local citizens.  Getting anything accomplished in even the Small Claims Court is a difficult feat since judges do whatever they want.  Last year Judge Ulmer whitewashed my smoking gun evidence for a restraining order against a longstanding cyberstalker, allowing an attorney to sabotage me with attorney fees.  I wasn't even allowed to testify in my own case as Plaintiff, being totally cut off and calculatedly humiliated.
"This is the worst crisis in legal services that I can think of in my professional career in more than 20 years," said Bill Hebert, a San Francisco lawyer who is president of the State Bar of California. The Bay Citizen 

It's been speculated approximately 40%  business at the San Francisco probate court is dedicated to stealing millions of dollars from its local senior citizens through improper custodianship court appointments.  See blog Conservator Abuse & the San Francisco Probate Court

My guess is they're blackmailing the public into forcing the city to get more money into their coffers to provide services they're already paid handsomely for along with their luxury pensions.  The local legal community is reeling from the news that would be severely impeded by such threats.  Five years to process a lawsuit?  That would drive these attorneys insane!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lighten Up Sundays: Hilarious Viral Cat Videos

This blog is full of a lot of seriously scary topics lately so I decided to implement a Lighten Up On Sundays section.   Today's viral video theme is about cats.

The first video is an eHarmony lady named Debbie's attempt to get a date with her video that's since been songified and uploaded last week.  The video without music is funny enough to watch. Since  uploaded in June, the original video's had over 12 million views.

This songify video has over 3 million views since it was uploaded a week ago.

Kittens show talent as DJ's imitating human activity.

Another cat showing DJ skill promise.

Cat investigates an iPad

Cat investigates video game.

I've posted this one before of Nora the piano playing cat. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Americans Have Only Begun To Freak Out - What If Our Coffee Runs Out?

I'm a little late posting this morning because I'm feeling tired.  I need a cup of coffee but ran out of the stuff. I'm the kind of person who freezes my coffee for future use, so this is pretty serious what's happening.  In fact, I'm freaking out a little.  Well, not really but if I were to go to the store and there wasn't any coffee, I would freak out a little I think.

Many Americans have been living their lives largely oblivious to what their government's doing around the world with their money.  Consequently, one day we're all going to pay a heavy price for such negligence.  Regardless if the U.S. government defaults or not on its debt in a few weeks, a default will eventually occur at some point.  When it does occur, America's going to go into sheer panic and chaos such that coffee will be the least of people's worries.

Here's an example of what people did when the Dallas government offered a limited number of applications for rent vouchers to the public:

People were injured in this Dallas stampede to file applications for discount rent vouchers. What will happen if the food stamp program runs out for 44 million people?

The people in Dallas will have to wait two years to see if their request for gov't subsidized rent will be honored.  One can only imagine after seeing this video how bad things will be if there's no food or water.  Most Americans are used to getting the things they need, 44 million are currently on food stamps.  When the system breaks down there's bound to be intense looting and chaos.

Here's "10 Signs That Americans Are Starting to Freak Out" from The Economy Collapse Blog

#1 Things have already gotten so bad that Americans will literally trample one another just to get on a waiting list for rental assistance vouchers.  Just check out the following excerpt from a local news report about a recent incident in Texas...

#2 Almost every measurement of consumer confidence is going down.  For example, the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index fell from 61.7 in May to 58.5 in June.

#3 The Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index has fallen to 63.8 after being at 71.5 in June.  It is now the lowest that it has been since the last recession "ended".

#4 The Rasmussen Consumer Index is down 9 points from a month ago.

#5 A recent poll taken by Rasmussen found that 68 percent of Americans believe that we are actually in a recession right now.

#6 According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that lack confidence in U.S. banks is now at an all-time high of 36%.

#7 In many areas of the United States this summer, just about anything that is not bolted down is being stolen by people that are desperate for money.

#8 According to one recent poll, 39 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy has now entered a "permanent decline".

#9 Another recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans believe that it is likely that another great Depression will begin within the next 12 months.

#10 According to a brand new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 63 percent of Americans believe that the nation is on the wrong track.  That figure is three percent higher than it was last month.
Americans are used to hearing what they want to hear and believing what they want to believe. When their bubble world bursts, all hell is bound to break loose.  This is the time to store up on long term supplies, food, water and other necessities.

I'm going back to sleep now, I'm really tired and need a cup of coffee.

Friday, July 15, 2011

America's Drowning In A Globalism Tsunami of Epic Proportions

The blame game's begun with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's comment to The Globalist publication stating that Gen-Xers are unemployed and suffering from a lower standard of living because they're "lazy, stupid, and unproductive".  He added, "U.S. companies would be better off hiring immigrants". 

Many of America's jobs are continually being outsourced to other countries and no one knows what to do about it.  In the 1990's NAFTA and global trade agreements empowered wealthy corporations to obtain cheap labor overseas without regard to how it would affect Americans at home. Clearly, this practice should have been regulated to only allow a limited controlled number of jobs outsourced, not as the primary means of hiring in the U.S.

This practice of outsourcing American jobs ushered in tremendous advantages to those wealthy CEO's at the top but what it has all really meant is the literal destruction of America's economic infrastructure as is occurring today.
"Our politicians always promised us that globalism would bring us to a new level of prosperity, but instead that "giant sucking sound" that you hear is the sound of the U.S. economy being hollowed out." - How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps.  - The American Dream Blog.
The American Dream blog spells out 10 Steps of how America's being destroyed through globalism:
#1 Globalism has merged the U.S. economy with economies that allow slave labor wages.
 #2 U.S. companies make bigger profits by sending jobs overseas.
#3 Globalism has allowed foreign countries to dominate a whole host of industries that used to be dominated by the United States.

#4 Jobs and manufacturing infrastructure are being lost at an astounding pace and they are not going to come back.

#5 Workers without good jobs can't buy houses or cars.

#6 If American workers don't have jobs they aren't paying taxes.

#7 Instead of receiving taxes, the government must pay out money to our unemployed workers instead.

#8 As jobs and businesses leave our shores, many of our once great manufacturing cities have been transformed into hellholes.

#9 The United States ends up borrowing back most of the money that it sends overseas every single month.

#10 Foreign countries are using up some of the wealth that we send them every month to buy up our infrastructure.

Apparently even outsourcing wasn't enough because now those in power want to allow immigrants to take even more jobs away from Americans.
"Greenspan and the globalists are purposely flooding the country with immigrants. They are doing this not because immigrants are more intelligent and productive than Americans. They are doing it because desperate immigrants will work for less and will displace American workers.  Greenspan knows all of this. It is particularly reprehensible that he would blame the victims, especially considering the role he played in the globalist looting of America."  Dumb Americans Deserve Unemployment - Prison

It seems this all comes down to class warfare and making Americans a subservient third world class among a few powerful men and women who wish to conquer the world making it their own.   If hallowing out America's economic infrastructure was what those who designed this global system wanted, they're clearly succeeding in their goals to steal America from Americans from within.  A majority of Americans are still living in the past too busy watching their cable television programs, sports and faux news programs to notice what's happening as of yet.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

U.S. Dollar's Headed Underwater Forcing Americans To Sink Or Swim

There was a prediction last night by Dex on Wide Awake News Radio program hosted by Charlie McGrath that the U.S. dollar is going to go under today that I don't believe.  Obviously, no one can predict such an event and there are too many extraneous circumstances involved to make any predictions.  People who make predictions most always lose credibility unless they're gifted prophets.  Even trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the economy was going to collapse at the end of 2010 and here we are into mid-2011 still up and running.  I figure Dex has a hefty ego that causes him to seek attention as such.

Let's consider for a moment what would happen if the U.S. dollar crashed. The crash would mean the U.S. economy would be completely without a means of official exchange to purchase food and necessary items until a new form of exchange is implemented. For some the crash would mean terror, for others it might mean freedom of some sort.  As with most Americans, much of my life's revolved around the U.S. dollar slaving for it in some way.  Earning money hasn't come naturally at all and I've often found myself over the years enslaved by forcing myself to do jobs I normally wouldn't do in order to maintain a steady income.  Whatever happens, there will be a huge opportunity for change in many Americans' lives in some capacity.  Maybe some Americans will find freedom from the bondage of money learning there's more to life the slaving for the former all mighty dollar.

Since rumors abound of the dollar sinking towards calamity, why not apply a little creativity to the situation?  So if the U.S. dollar's headed underwater, what real treasures can we find as we sink below the surface from superficial lives over a ponzi scheme financial system we held much illusions over?  The video posted below that went viral yesterday is an example of what happens when earning money isn't the focal point of one's life's purpose.  There are many great rewards in life for people who put other things ahead of the all mighty nearing worthless dollar.  Take this example of a family on a whale discovery boating trip that came upon a unique opportunity to free a dying humpback whale from being caught up in fish nets.  No one was paying these people to do such a thing. The boaters risked their lives to save a young whale that appeared to later thank them with a powerful display of whale joy like fireworks.

 Here's the breathtaking highly recommended video I'd like to share in ending this post. 

This video Saving Valentina about saving a humpback whale from certain death simply can't be missed. It's already had 650,000+ views since it was uploaded yesterday.

When the all mighty dollar dies, many Americans might feel free from its bondage like the whale for at least a small amount of time in their lives. There are real treasures in life beyond money.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Signs Point To A Dictatorship Emerging In The U.S.

Hold onto your seats folks cause it's going to be a bumpy ride from here on out. Many Americans like myself feel we're on a sinking Titanic that hit an iceberg back in 2008 as things are accelerating with dramatic changes in the country.  Now this!  Six months into the Obama Presidency there were cries from various well known individuals that Obama was in the process of installing a dictatorship.  This theme of an emerging dictatorship continues to crescendo backed up by multiple facts.
"President Barack Obama is rapidly advancing an executive dictatorship that threatens to completely nullify the US Constitution if left unchecked, with his administration hastily eroding every other branch of government as the White House crosses the Rubicon to push through its political agenda on every front, from the war in Libya to domestic gun control."  - Obama Is Establishing An Executive Dictatorship -
The following video is a red alert urgent message issued yesterday from radio talk show host and film maker Alex Jones:

Alex Jones provides the multiple facts, backing up the above mentioned article, demonstrating evidence President Obama is quickly establishing a U.S. dictatorship.

Radio talk show host Michael Savage says he tried to forewarn Americans about a U.S. dictatorship forthcoming with his 2003 book.

Michael Savage called for President Obama's Impeachment back in May 2011

There are a plethora of facts to back up the premise of a dictatorship being established in the U.S. accelerating through the Obama Administration that includes: disregarding the War Powers Act overriding Congress's oversight in starting a war in Libya, establishing a Council of State Governors to allow the military to infiltrate domestic security in possible preparations for martial law (pdf),  issuing an executive order mandating Rural Councils that would include draconian regulations to oppress farmers, threatening to raise the debt limit without Congressional approval using an obscure 143 year old clause related to the Civil War that could trigger a Constitutional crisis as reported by AFP, installing Obamacare that has been ruled unconstitutional by Federal judges in Florida and Virgina while at the same time handing out waivers to thousands of corporations violating the Equal Protection clause ignoring the rule of law, subverting Congress by having the EPA declare C02 as a pollutant and public threat allowing greenhouse gas emissions to be regulated and taxed through the Clean Air Act, advancing Chinese-style censorship that would provide an Internet kill switch to Obama bypassing Congress completely as part of the Federal governments' executive-level takeover of all communications.

Finally, President Obama's seeking to circumvent Congress to push through gun control through executive orders.
As part of its bid to eviscerate the Second Amendment by stealth, or “under the radar” as Obama himself called it, the White House is about to launch a new gun control offensive that will bypass the necessity of passing legislation in Congress and instead rely on “only executive orders or administrative actions.”  Obama Is Establishing An Executive Dictatorship -
With all these facts now in plain view, one might imagine a devious Obama snickering at Americans behind the scenes over what his  Presidential "change" campaign was really all about.  What suckers Obama must think Americans are to believe he meant change for the good, rather than his own socialist Marxist extreme agenda to subvert the U.S. Constitution and everything the country once stood for.  For President Obama, the subsequent changes are obviously good for he and the too big to fail bankers, but clearly not at all good for the American people.

Are Americans too busy watching their television programs while focusing on their own individual survival during hard times to recognize what's happening to their country?  Only time will tell.