Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Signs Point To A Dictatorship Emerging In The U.S.

Hold onto your seats folks cause it's going to be a bumpy ride from here on out. Many Americans like myself feel we're on a sinking Titanic that hit an iceberg back in 2008 as things are accelerating with dramatic changes in the country.  Now this!  Six months into the Obama Presidency there were cries from various well known individuals that Obama was in the process of installing a dictatorship.  This theme of an emerging dictatorship continues to crescendo backed up by multiple facts.
"President Barack Obama is rapidly advancing an executive dictatorship that threatens to completely nullify the US Constitution if left unchecked, with his administration hastily eroding every other branch of government as the White House crosses the Rubicon to push through its political agenda on every front, from the war in Libya to domestic gun control."  - Obama Is Establishing An Executive Dictatorship - PrisonPlanet.com
The following video is a red alert urgent message issued yesterday from radio talk show host and film maker Alex Jones:

Alex Jones provides the multiple facts, backing up the above mentioned article, demonstrating evidence President Obama is quickly establishing a U.S. dictatorship.

Radio talk show host Michael Savage says he tried to forewarn Americans about a U.S. dictatorship forthcoming with his 2003 book.

Michael Savage called for President Obama's Impeachment back in May 2011

There are a plethora of facts to back up the premise of a dictatorship being established in the U.S. accelerating through the Obama Administration that includes: disregarding the War Powers Act overriding Congress's oversight in starting a war in Libya, establishing a Council of State Governors to allow the military to infiltrate domestic security in possible preparations for martial law (pdf),  issuing an executive order mandating Rural Councils that would include draconian regulations to oppress farmers, threatening to raise the debt limit without Congressional approval using an obscure 143 year old clause related to the Civil War that could trigger a Constitutional crisis as reported by AFP, installing Obamacare that has been ruled unconstitutional by Federal judges in Florida and Virgina while at the same time handing out waivers to thousands of corporations violating the Equal Protection clause ignoring the rule of law, subverting Congress by having the EPA declare C02 as a pollutant and public threat allowing greenhouse gas emissions to be regulated and taxed through the Clean Air Act, advancing Chinese-style censorship that would provide an Internet kill switch to Obama bypassing Congress completely as part of the Federal governments' executive-level takeover of all communications.

Finally, President Obama's seeking to circumvent Congress to push through gun control through executive orders.
As part of its bid to eviscerate the Second Amendment by stealth, or “under the radar” as Obama himself called it, the White House is about to launch a new gun control offensive that will bypass the necessity of passing legislation in Congress and instead rely on “only executive orders or administrative actions.”  Obama Is Establishing An Executive Dictatorship - PrisonPlanet.com
With all these facts now in plain view, one might imagine a devious Obama snickering at Americans behind the scenes over what his  Presidential "change" campaign was really all about.  What suckers Obama must think Americans are to believe he meant change for the good, rather than his own socialist Marxist extreme agenda to subvert the U.S. Constitution and everything the country once stood for.  For President Obama, the subsequent changes are obviously good for he and the too big to fail bankers, but clearly not at all good for the American people.

Are Americans too busy watching their television programs while focusing on their own individual survival during hard times to recognize what's happening to their country?  Only time will tell.