Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Americans Need To Prepare For Coming Financial Armageddon Now!

There are several different possibilities of what will occur should the U.S. default on its debt Americans need to be preparing for now.  Most people have no idea what to do since such an epic event has never happened before in their lifetimes.  This isn't the kind of problem one can live in denial over by putting on their headphones listening to a favorite song or watching a movie.  First and foremost, this is the time people should be stocking up on canned goods, food, water, toiletries and anything else they can think of, including for their pets welfare. Everyone should know that there will likely be rioting and much chaos everywhere.
"We are witnessing, in accelerated time, the total financial implosion of an empire. We're watching it burn right before our very eyes, and it was all set in motion in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, of course.
This day is coming. We've been warning about it here on NaturalNews since at least 2008, when I held a phone seminar and warned people to buy gold and silver. (At that time, gold was in the $600 range. Today it's $1,600...) Actually, I'm on the record warning people about the dot-com bubble before it popped, and about the housing bubble before it popped, too. Now I'm warning about the coming collapse of the dollar, which now even mainstream people are beginning to see as a possibility. Even Obama himself said we need to increase the debt ceiling to avoid what he called, Financial Armageddon." - . . America's Currency Headed For Total Collapse - Natural News
Americans have been living in denial for quite some time that their country's been taken over by a band of brutal criminals.  When the shit hits the fan, many Americans' eyes will be forced wide opened that the U.S. is no longer theirs having been hijacked from them.  There will be no more time to watch television's lying talking heads, a movie, or sports event. Things are definitely going to get insane if there's a U.S. default. What it means is the U.S. dollar will become worthless and eventually likely replaced with a world currency. 

The wealthy in the U.S. will become poor overnight unless they were smart enough to exchange their money overseas and invest in precious metals. In fact, many of the wealthy are probably headed overseas right now to avoid the calamity.  If you can, now is the time to leave the United States that's sinking like the Titanic.

The first thing to remember is when society breaks down, there will likely be no typical police services.  The U.N. military forces might well be brought in to deal with the chaos.  For those unaware, U.N. forces have been trained to raid Americans' homes, ship them off to FEMA camps and/or kill them.  Those are just some of the potential horrors that await up ahead for many. 

People should be considering how to protect themselves from possible looters should government systems break down.   People should buy plenty of guns, ammo, pepper spray, stun guns, and defensive weapons they're able. While their at it, people should upgrade the security on their homes since looters will try to enter if they're not home.

If I were employed at a corporation having no real access to my 401K I would quit my job to gain access to the funds in order to quickly convert the dollars to tangible assets.  People who continue to work at their jobs are sitting ducks for devastation.  The dollar is headed for serious devaluing and inflation is going make everything very expensive. This could quite possibly be the final week of American's lives prior to chaos breaking lose in which America will never be the same again.  This could be it, the final days of normalcy Americans will have ever known in their lives prior to when the shit hits the fan and all hell breaks lose.  People should prepare for the worst now before it's too late.