Friday, July 15, 2011

America's Drowning In A Globalism Tsunami of Epic Proportions

The blame game's begun with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's comment to The Globalist publication stating that Gen-Xers are unemployed and suffering from a lower standard of living because they're "lazy, stupid, and unproductive".  He added, "U.S. companies would be better off hiring immigrants". 

Many of America's jobs are continually being outsourced to other countries and no one knows what to do about it.  In the 1990's NAFTA and global trade agreements empowered wealthy corporations to obtain cheap labor overseas without regard to how it would affect Americans at home. Clearly, this practice should have been regulated to only allow a limited controlled number of jobs outsourced, not as the primary means of hiring in the U.S.

This practice of outsourcing American jobs ushered in tremendous advantages to those wealthy CEO's at the top but what it has all really meant is the literal destruction of America's economic infrastructure as is occurring today.
"Our politicians always promised us that globalism would bring us to a new level of prosperity, but instead that "giant sucking sound" that you hear is the sound of the U.S. economy being hollowed out." - How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps.  - The American Dream Blog.
The American Dream blog spells out 10 Steps of how America's being destroyed through globalism:
#1 Globalism has merged the U.S. economy with economies that allow slave labor wages.
 #2 U.S. companies make bigger profits by sending jobs overseas.
#3 Globalism has allowed foreign countries to dominate a whole host of industries that used to be dominated by the United States.

#4 Jobs and manufacturing infrastructure are being lost at an astounding pace and they are not going to come back.

#5 Workers without good jobs can't buy houses or cars.

#6 If American workers don't have jobs they aren't paying taxes.

#7 Instead of receiving taxes, the government must pay out money to our unemployed workers instead.

#8 As jobs and businesses leave our shores, many of our once great manufacturing cities have been transformed into hellholes.

#9 The United States ends up borrowing back most of the money that it sends overseas every single month.

#10 Foreign countries are using up some of the wealth that we send them every month to buy up our infrastructure.

Apparently even outsourcing wasn't enough because now those in power want to allow immigrants to take even more jobs away from Americans.
"Greenspan and the globalists are purposely flooding the country with immigrants. They are doing this not because immigrants are more intelligent and productive than Americans. They are doing it because desperate immigrants will work for less and will displace American workers.  Greenspan knows all of this. It is particularly reprehensible that he would blame the victims, especially considering the role he played in the globalist looting of America."  Dumb Americans Deserve Unemployment - Prison

It seems this all comes down to class warfare and making Americans a subservient third world class among a few powerful men and women who wish to conquer the world making it their own.   If hallowing out America's economic infrastructure was what those who designed this global system wanted, they're clearly succeeding in their goals to steal America from Americans from within.  A majority of Americans are still living in the past too busy watching their cable television programs, sports and faux news programs to notice what's happening as of yet.